"Installing" fonts... Win98se

  Simsy 16:50 12 Feb 2004

Hi folks...

A little problem my sister has...

She had made some documents on her old PC and reopening them on her "new" pc some of the fonts obviously aren't installed, resulting in a little appearance problem...

I know that you can install fonts via control panel>file>install, but I'm trying to make this easy for her...

According to my experiments you can "install" a font by just copying the font file to the fonts folder... (a method I can easily talk her through, as she is now used to copying/moving files). Is ther any reason not to do it this way?

thanks in anticipation,



  Diodorus Siculus 16:57 12 Feb 2004

The only reason for not copying fonts in that way, is that it does not always work; no harm in giving it a go - if it fails, then go through the usual procedure.

  Simsy 16:59 12 Feb 2004

so the expectation is that it will work.

I thought so.



  Diodorus Siculus 17:01 12 Feb 2004

My impression is that it will not work; but as your experimentation suggests otherwise, then I am open to be surprised.

  woodchip 17:11 12 Feb 2004

I have always found by just draging the fonts into the Fonts folder works for me. double click a font to look at it

  Simsy 08:30 13 Feb 2004

I'l wait to tick for a couple of days by way of invitation to other comments...

but I think It's probably answered!



  jimv7 08:51 13 Feb 2004

Open control panel/fonts/file/install new font, browse to the floppy or cd, select the required font, click ok.

  Simsy 11:56 13 Feb 2004

I think you've misunderstood what I was asking...

I know you can do it the way you indicate... I'm trying to find out if there are any drawbacks to just copying the file into the fonts folder. As I say, it seems to work... I'm wondering if anybody knows of any hidden drawbacks?




  woodchip 12:17 13 Feb 2004

None, you can just drag them in, I have never had a Problem

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