installing extra DVD Drive - correct jumper config

  compumac 23:10 04 Feb 2007

I have a Dell PC with a DVD/CD-RW drive. I wish to add a Pioneer DVD Re writer DVR-111D. The jumper on the Dell DVD is set to Cable Select at this time. I installed the Pioneer drive and put the jumper on the Dell to Master and the jumper on the Pioneer to Slave. I just got a series of beeps when booting up. I have tried other configurations including just having the Pioneer wired up in isolation but still got the beeps.
Can anyone advise on correct setup?

  Totally-braindead 23:21 04 Feb 2007

The master should be on the far end of the cable if that is any help. The slave should be in the middle. You could try this setup leaving both as cable select as well and that should work.

  LastChip 23:30 04 Feb 2007

I'm assuming your talking about a Dell desktop.

If you're connecting them to the SAME data cable, you can:

1. Select each drive to Cable Select and the position on the cable will determine how they are recognised.

2. Select one to Master and one to Slave. Conventionally, the Master drive will be connected to the end cable connector and the Slave to the centre.

Although these days, cables are normally "keyed" to prevent incorrect connection, down one side of the data cable you will probably find a "red" tracer wire. This should go to pin 1 on each drive.

Finally, it's not unknown to bend a pin in the back of a drive when trying to connect the data cable, so make sure you haven't inadvertently done that.

  compumac 08:43 05 Feb 2007

I was trying all last night with, as I thought, every possible configuration, including both of cable slelect on both and making the end one the Master and the middle one the slave - all to no effect. This morning I reinstalled with both on cable select and bingo it works!! I think last nightwas one of those nights when I should have walked away and come back to later. Thanks both for your replies.

  Stuartli 09:18 05 Feb 2007

For convenience in use I've always had the CD or DVD writer (Master) linked to the middle IDE cable connector and the CD or DVD-ROM drive (Slave) to the emd connector.

Worls fine for me, but I've always avoided Cable Select as, IIRC, you require a mobo that supports the feature. Up to about nine months ago I was using a four or five year old motherboard...:-)

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