Installing DVD-ROM Drive

  El Motto 12:30 24 May 2003

I've replaced my old, fairly noisey, DVD-ROM with a new Pioneer 120S ROM drive unit. I removed the old unit and placed the jumper across the slave connection at the back of the new drive unit (slave is on) and simply re-connected the power lead, IDE 40-pin cable and sound card plug etc.

The instructions suggested that the new drive would be recognised automatically, but this has not happened. When I switch-on, the PC quickly 'hangs' with message: 'Updating hardware database 0%'. Should I be installing a new drivers after all ? Thanks

  -pops- 12:47 24 May 2003

Some details about your system would be a great help in solving this. For instance, placing a new drive on an antique system is not going to be ideal.

  El Motto 14:00 24 May 2003

Yes, the system is about 3 years old, running windows ME, AMD 1.33Gz processor and Geforce G2 graphics and sound card. The machine has 512MB memory and with IDE CD-RW drive as well. I was expecting a fairly simple straight swap between the old and new DVD-ROM drives - obviously not that simple!

  -pops- 14:05 24 May 2003

Is your DVD drive the only device on that cable? If so, the jumpers should be set to Master. If there is something else on the cable, ensure your Slave device is not at the end and the device that is on the end is Master.


  El Motto 15:47 24 May 2003

Thanks for that. Yes, the DVD_ROM is sharing the cable with the CD-RW. The CD is on the end of the IDE cable and has been set to 'master'. The DVD is in the middle and has the jumper across the slave connection.

I could try switching their position, and the corresponding jumpers, around but otherwise I'm out of ideas !

  -pops- 15:52 24 May 2003

I think you have it right - certainly that's how my system is set up, and all the ones I've constructed as well.

I'm thinking now it's something to do with the relative ages of your equipment. Do you have all the updates and drivers for your version of Me?

If that's not the answer, I'm stuck!


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