Installing Daytona for PC

  jeeva4 01:38 11 Oct 2007

Hi there,

I am hoping that someone could lend me a helping hand here. I'm attempting to install Daytona US Deluxe for PC and have meet with some resistance. I am able to open the file and begin the installation process but when I get to the end of it the following message appears;

"Cannot run on Windows NT 5.1 (Build: 2600)"

What should I do? Do I need to download something else in order to get this installed? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.



  wolfie3000 01:41 11 Oct 2007

Do you have anymore info on the program and also your system?

  Totally-braindead 01:42 11 Oct 2007

Is this the old program that was designed for Windows 98 and ME if so you might have to run it in compatability mode as it wasn't designed for windows XP.

  jeeva4 01:53 11 Oct 2007

Thanks to you both for your prompt replies. The file was downloaded from PC Advisor

(if you like check the link out its click here)

I am using Windows XP home edition. I think you could be right totally brain-dead so how can I run it in compatibility mode?



  Totally-braindead 01:57 11 Oct 2007

Right click on the icon on your desktop for the game and look at the last Tab marked compatability and left click on that. You might have to fiddle and try a few options or just clicking it to run in the mode for win98. Remember to click apply or it won't store the option.

  jeeva4 02:16 11 Oct 2007

I wish it was that easy! I right clicked on the file and got a list options but unfort compatibility was not one of them. I tried file properties and also met with no luck. I have a spare pc so I might get a hold of win 98 and install it there. Thanks for your help, much apprec.



  mrwoowoo 02:25 11 Oct 2007

When you Right click on the shortcut icon on your desktop for the game,first choose properties and then compatability.

  jeeva4 02:40 11 Oct 2007

yes! i'm in daytona action. thanks fella's.



  davidh50 02:43 11 Oct 2007

Unzip into a Tempory Directory,

Right Click on DDX_DEMO.EXE, Move Down to Properties and Left Click,

Click Compatability Tab,

Tick Box, Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 95,

Go down to Input settings, Tick Box, Turn off advanced text services for this program.

Then Run it to install Game, Ignore Error Messages about Registry.

Run Game and Gentlemen Start Your Engines.

It Works.

  davidh50 02:46 11 Oct 2007

Took so long to retrace my steps.

  jeeva4 00:24 12 Oct 2007

Thanks davidh50 for your extremely detailed walkthrough. I think we can all be confident now that this is one fully resolved issue.



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