Installing D-Link DSL-G604T

  dogbreath1 18:26 01 Oct 2005

Win XP SP2.

Have just subscribed to BT broadband and successfully installed a BT Voyager 220V ADSL Voice Router. Connect very good.

Wanted to install a D-Link DSL-G604T wireless router to add a second p.c. onto the network. Removed the BT Voyager 220V and connected the D-Link.

After first failing to install a WAN with the new router (both Firefox and IE hang), I checked the settings which were as follows:-

System Uptime- 1hr 52min
DSL Status- Connected
DSL Speed- 288Kbps u/s and 1152Kbps d/s
LAN IP Address-
Ethernet- Connected
DHCP Server- Running
Software Version- V1.00B02T.UK.20040618

SET UP- (Connection 1)
Type- PPPoA
Encapsulation- VC
PVC Settings- VPI 0 and VCI 38
User Name and Password are correct

STATUS- (Connection Status)
IP Address-
DHPC- Server Running
Connection- IP Connected

But Firefox and IE just hang and fail to connect.

Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to miss out any relevent data.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



  Taff36 18:26 02 Oct 2005

I don`t think you actually saved your settings and rebooted the router. See if you can follow these instructions and post back as soon as you hit a problem.

First of all you should set up the router using the blue cable supplied connected to an Ethernet port – RJ-45 connector not the RJ-11 telephone cable that you would associate with a standard telephone/modem connection. This is recommended but if you don`t have one on the Laptop you`ll need to do it wirelessly anyway. It`s only a security precaution I think.

Install the USB adapter software onto your computer BEFORE plugging in the adapter itself. Reboot and then plug it in. Your computer will recognise the new hardware and install the drivers for it. If you have done it the wrong way round you must remove the adapter, uninstall it from Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. Start again!

Open IE and type in to access the router admin pages. On the Setup tab click wireless and ensure that enable AP (Access Point) is ticked and, for the moment security is set to none. Now click the apply button. Don`t forget to save your settings by going to the Tools Tab and select System settings – Save then the Back button that appears on the page (Not the browser back button) then the Restart AP button to reboot the router. You may have to wait for a few minutes and then return to the admin pages. You`re WAN light should now be solid green.

Now go to Wireless Connection 1 on the Setup Tab and set up your connection details as before. They looked right to me. Again remember to Save All and reboot the router. You should now be able to access the internet on one computer. So far so good?

  dogbreath1 20:58 02 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response.

I'll have a closer look tomorrow when I'm back at the office.

Will post back with the results.



  dogbreath1 22:04 03 Oct 2005

Hi Taff36. The problem regarding my wired connection turned out to be because I didn't have Nat enabled. As soon as this was rectified all was well on that front. However, when I tried to connect a second p.c. (wirelessly) to the new network, I did have further problems.

The usb wireless adapter software wouldn't properly install, blaming an absence of wlanapi.dll. This .dll file was in fact present in a Win32 folder, and a re-installation of the adapter software solved that initial problem. However, the installation must in some way be corrupted, since when trying to launch the config UI for the wireless adapter, instead of the D-Link interface, I get a Win XP network setup interface!

So, although the wireless link has been established (and is useable), I cannot effect encryption of the wireless link.

Any ideas on that please?

  Taff36 08:27 04 Oct 2005

In Network Connections right click your wireless connection and select properties. On the Wireless Networks tab there is a box which says "Use Windows to configure..." Is this ticked?

I am a little confused as to which UI is appearing because even the Windows one allows you to set up the encryption. If I remember correctly once you have Viewed the wireless Networks and clicked on your router to select it you click connect. If encryption has been set up on the router you go to one of the other tabs (Configure I think) and at the bottom of the tab should be 4 boxes marked Key1, key2 etc. Type in your encryption key in the first box and apply. Then, once connected go to the Profile Tab and type a name for the connection and save. Then you can go back to this tab, select your connection and click Activate. If you only have the one profile the computer will always connect to it. If you have more than one e.g. I use the laptop at home, work and at a friends house - you can set the order in which the computer searches for the correct one.

Hope this helps but if it`s not quite as I say drop me a personal message and I`ll let you have my e-mail so you can send me a screen shot.

  dogbreath1 20:39 04 Oct 2005

Thanks Taff. It's an office machine so I'll only have access to it again tomorrow. I'll have another try to resolve the matter based on your advice but I will post back whether or not I feel the need to forward a screenshot. Regards. db.

  Taff36 22:06 04 Oct 2005

No Problem. Post back anyway.

  dogbreath1 18:29 05 Oct 2005

The 'Use Windows To Configure...' box was indeed ticked. On unticking it I could launch D-Link's own UI.

However, for unrelated reasons, I have decided to change the p.c. which is to act as the satellite machine. My new machine arrives this Friday (07/10/05) and I will try to connect that one wirelessly with the help of the advice which you have already kindly given.

I'll let you know how I get on. Meanwhile thanks again for your help so far.

  Taff36 22:26 05 Oct 2005

No Problem!

  Taff36 23:45 11 Oct 2005

Any luck?

  dogbreath1 08:18 12 Oct 2005

You must be psychic! Just tried to install the driver for the DLink DWL-G122 on the new machine. Got the error '1628 Failed To Complete Installation'. The new machine is XP SP2 (Build 2600) AMD Athlon 64 Bit Processor. XP updates KB 873333 to KB 901214 on board. Any ideas please?

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