Installing a CD-RW/DVD Drive

  Daffodil 09:23 23 Jul 2003

I installed a Liteon CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive in my Dell Dimension 8400 (Windows ME).

I took out the old CD-ROM and left in the old CD-R. Both had jumpers set to CL. I changed jumper on new drive to Master & existing CD-R to Slave, as per box intructions. Windows did not detect any new hardware and niether drive is recognised. I've not changed any other connections and have used old jumper lead. Have also tried various jumper combinations to no avail.

The instructions on the box are minimal and don't even refer to the software inside.

Any help would be appreciated.

  pj123 09:27 23 Jul 2003

You need to go into the BIOS and Standard CMOS settings and detect the drives in there then save settings and exit.

  Daffodil 12:01 23 Jul 2003

I don't know how to get the BIOS to detect the drives.

In BIOS, the IDE Configuration is shown as follows:

Primary IDE Master WDC WD200EB11BHFO
Primary IDE Slave, Secondary IDE Master & Secondary IDE Slave all show "not installed".

There are then options to change each of the "not installed" to CD-ROM,ATAPI,IDE etc.

Is this what I need to change and if so, to what? Then what do I do to make the system recognise the drives?

I'm still not sure about the jumper position:
The new drive jumper is set to Master, but it replaces a CD-ROM which was set to CL. And the CD-R which is staying in place was originally set to CL and is now set to Slave. Am I right to have the new drive as Master and the one I've left as Slave? What difference does it make anyway?

(I'm sure this should be a pretty simple procedure, but I've not got enough information from the manufacturer)

  stlucia 13:21 23 Jul 2003

I think we need to know which IDE cables your various devices were on. It looks like your hard disk drive (HDD) is on the primary cable, as master.

What was your CD-R on before, and what is it on now? If it's on the second plug of the same cable as the HDD, then it should normally be slave (I don't know what the "CL" setting means) with your HDD as master.

Your new combo drive would then go onto the first plug on the second IDE cable, and should be either "master", or sometimes there's a different setting for "master without slave".

  pj123 18:52 23 Jul 2003

You need to use your cursor key to get to Primary Slave and (depending on which BIOS you have) press enter and it will auto detect. I you have no Primary Slave it will return Not Installed. Now go to Secondary Master and press enter. If it returns a CD that is good, if not you need to press your Page Up or page Down keys until it shows Auto. No go to Secondary Slave and do the same thing. Once that is done press ESC and then F10 save the settings and exit.

  Daffodil 18:55 23 Jul 2003

1. The Primary IDE cable is connected to the HDD. 2. The second plug of the Primary IDE cable is not connected to anything.
3. The Second IDE cable has 2 plugs, one marked "CD1" the other marked "CD2"
4. The IDE plug marked "CD2" is connected to the new combo drive. The jumper on that drive is set to Master.
5. The IDE plug marked "CD1" is connected to the CD writer drive. The jumper on that drive is set to Slave.
6. Both drives have a 4-pole power cable attached.
7. The combo drive also has a black lead attached which is connected to another area of the pc (could be audio - vague because the manual is not clear)

1. No cd drives are recognised.
2.The combo drive only lights up when the pc is switched on. Otherwise it doesn't do anything
3.The CD writer opens and closes but doesn't read a cd

I don't want to give up on this, but PC World is beginning to look appealing (arrgh!)

  Daffodil 19:20 23 Jul 2003

I've checked the Secondary IDEs as Auto, but nothing different happens.

It must be something I've done with the two drives or the jumper settings.

  woodchip 19:27 23 Jul 2003

Get rid of the cable select and set your new drive as master and old CD-R as slave on EIDE 1 then go to Bios and run Auto Detect Drives

  woodchip 19:29 23 Jul 2003

That should be on EIDE 2 not 1

  Daffodil 11:27 24 Jul 2003

I had done everything correctly, but the final problem was the connection to the motherboard was loose, which I didn't notice because I was concentrating on the new drives & jumper positions.

Which just goes to show that if you are sure you've done everything right, have confidence and elsewhere for the problem.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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