installing cd rom on empty system

  bigboab y 20:22 16 Jun 2003

Formatted hard drive.. now trying to install w98se using boot up floppy..(i.e "with cd rom support")... I've put in a cd rom drive,but I get the message "no drives detected".. the cdrom drive is a fairly old one and I cant find a driver for it via driverguide... if I do buy a new cdrom,how do I get the system to recognize it assuming I get a floppy with it?? do I run the floppy first ?

any new cdrom drive will be Atapi compliant and windows 98se has a standard driver that will make it work.(oakcd on the boot floppy)
check the drive you have is attached properly.

  Forum Editor 20:42 16 Jun 2003

should detect a new CD ROM drive, and unless it does, all the drivers in the world aren't going to help. When you install your new drive you should find it detected as the machine starts.

The Win98SE startup disk contains the driver necessary to start the CD ROM, so once the drive has been detected in the BIOS you will be OK.

  bigboab y 20:44 16 Jun 2003

I thot that was the case..changed ribbon cable and still no go it possible that the ide plug on mobo is not initialised (if thats the word)..its a Compaq deskpro and I cant figure out how to change things on "setup" .. wee arrow sits beside the item e.g enabled.. but i just cant change it... grrrrrrr

  bigboab y 21:33 16 Jun 2003

Changed out to a known good drive.. running fine..sorry guys .. was leaving that to last thanks for your help

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