installing a cd rom

  simmo07 20:35 24 Jul 2007

ive just fixed my pc after i took everything out ages ago. Ive just put some new ram in and eventually got the hard drive booting up. Problem is i cant remember how to get the cd rom working. I only have 1 ide wire with mb,slave and master connectors. Can it still work with just this ide wire or do i need a new one? am still fairly new to fixing pcs.


  howard64 20:37 24 Jul 2007

yes it should - the hard drive is the master at the end of the cable and cd is the slave on the middle connection

  Switcher 22:43 24 Jul 2007

It will work provided you ensure that the CD jumper is set at Slave.

  woodchip 22:50 24 Jul 2007

As above if the ribbone cable as three connections one one each end and one in the middle you can connect a Hard Drive and CD drive to the same cable. BUT if it a old 40 wire Ribbon not a 80 and it's a old comp. doing it this way may slow the hard drive down. So you could buy a new Ribbon from a Computer fair for about £2 and put it on IDE2 then both would be set as master

  woodchip 22:51 24 Jul 2007

PS red wire on ribbon goes next to Power plug on drive it also goes to pin one on the IDE socket

  simmo07 16:17 25 Jul 2007

yeah i had an idea just wanted an expert opinion. This ribbon wont stretch so i mite have to get another.


  simmo07 16:40 25 Jul 2007

well i moved the cd rom right to the bottom so the ribbon just say fit.

All working cheers!

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