Installing CD with anti-virus disabled-how risky?

  toofy 13:48 08 Nov 2007

Have bought a technical CD to help with repairs/service of aged BMW. The printed instructions tell me to disable or close any Anti-virus software running. I have only recently cleaned my pc of viruses and so would appreciate advice on how I can minimise the risk of infecting my pc from the CD. I also have to first install Sysadm. Will AVG Free be able to look at the CD before I install it? (a note with the CD says: This is not an Auto run CD.-whatever that means!) Views/help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  Totally-braindead 13:55 08 Nov 2007

If you right click on the CD, with it in the drive, then you can scan it with AVG before installation.
As long as its a legal proper disk and not a copy and its from a proper company then there is virtually no risk whatsoever.
The only time I have ever seen a virus on a disk is when it was a copy usually downloaded from some dodgy site.
In short it depends on where you got the disk and whether its original.

  Technotiger 13:56 08 Nov 2007

Go off-line, then disable your AV and install your CD.

CD not Auto-run, so you need to Open the CD in My Computer then click on the appropriate part shown according to your needs, you might see something like Run, or Exe or similar - or maybe there will be a Readme file with further help on the CD.

  timothywilliam 17:58 08 Nov 2007

If you are on Broadband, pull the telephone connection out of its plug, do what you want to do then put it back. Thats what I do on the theory if it isn't connected you cannot download any nasties at that time.

  toofy 07:58 09 Nov 2007

Thanks to all respondents.I have scanned the CD with AVG Free& its clean. TIMOTHY-I didnt know it was poss for a nasty to creap in if I was off- line. I am about to learn how to disable Ad-aware, SpywareBlaster, ZoneAlarm etc but if all I need to do is pull out the Broadband phone connection that will be a lot simpler. Perhaps you will confirm please. (Bought the CD off ebay; it looks geniune & the guy has good reports) I am also going to check if Sysadm is any danger to install.

  Diemmess 08:29 09 Nov 2007

Totally-braindead correctly says scan the CD first, to avoid any virus which just might have been incorporated on the CD.

The advice to disable AV programs before installing is often the first thing the new application asks you to do.
This is to avoid a corrupt installation because of interference from your firewall or AV preventing the use of an .exe during installation. It has nothing to do with a risk of infection.

  jack 10:41 09 Nov 2007

Only to ampify all that has been said.
Disabling A/V if for installation of the on disc reader.
I is likely you would not need the reader if the files are evident and you pick them as required.
One installed you can reactivate the A/V
If you elect to disable A/V during installation come off line.
The when done re connect.

  Totally-braindead 10:52 09 Nov 2007

I have to say that I have not up to now ever had to disable an anti virus program to install anything but I know of others who have.
You shouldn't have to disable anything else just the AV. Many of my programs recommend you disable AV but as I said I've not had to do it.

As long as the disk is from a trusted source the risk is negligable, if its a copy bought off Ebay or downloaded from a P2P site or something like that you take your chances.

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