installing audio drivers

  emptyhand 21:06 03 Apr 2008

Hi I'm the idiot who installed a new version of xp over the old version and lost everything I previously had. That wasnt too muxh of a problem as I hadnt had the machine that long so not much on it. However, it's now saying there is no audio device installed. I havent got any CD to install drivers. Is there anything I can do or am I up the creek once more?

  Devil Fish 21:22 03 Apr 2008

onboard sound or sound card

if onboard find out the make and model of your motherboard and check the manufacturers website for drivers

this will help you get that info click here

if it is a 3rd party card ie soundblaster etc you may need to pop the case open and have a look to get the model

  DieSse 21:22 03 Apr 2008

Assuming the audio is on the motherboard (most are these days) - then you need the motherboard driver. You probably need motherboard drivers for other things too.

To find them we nee to know exactly what motherboard you have.

To find out that and other useful things about your set up, you can use

click here

free download.

  emptyhand 21:45 03 Apr 2008

ok ive downloaded the pc wizard

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