Installing Applications - default locations?

  Brian-336451 17:51 02 Apr 2004

In an earlier thread 'Outlook 2003 hanging' I was trying to find out whether anyone else was having the problem I had - Microsoft acknowlege it IS a problem.

A thought occurred to me just now. Personally, I do not install to the default location ie C:\Program Files\etc etc.

I have separated my C: partition for the operating system only (so I can Ghost it and restore if there is a problem without re-installing all the software).

I am wondering whether because software is NOT where applications 'expect' to find it, this is the root of the problem.

Any of you (more/different knowlege) types have any thoughts on that?

Have I been far too 'clever' for my own good thus brought the problem on myself as MY MS Office 2003 is in D:\Office 2003?

  jim1947 17:58 02 Apr 2004

My Office is installed to my D:\ drive and I have never experienced a problem with it, nor any other programme not installed to it's default location. My thoughts are that whatever files need that need to go to the C:\ drive go there whatever location you choose to install to.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:00 02 Apr 2004

I think apps usually look in program files first but it should still work if you set the shortcut for it to point to where it is ,in the "Target" part of the short cut.Most apps that depend on others will look for the apps they need on setup install so it shouldnt be a problem.


  Sir Radfordin 18:04 02 Apr 2004

It shouldn't do because it can't be coded into the application to look in a specific place otherwise millions of people would have problems. The install are likely to be registry variables so it makes no difference at all. If you decided to start moving files around however it may start going wrong.

I've moved C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office (or whatever it is!) to D:\Program Files... and not reinstalled the software and it continues to function as it should.

  Brian-336451 18:06 02 Apr 2004

Yes, I understood it to work as you two intimate (other applications manage no problem), it's just that I'm racking my brains (not an arduous task) to work out a reason why I have the problem and not everyone else.

The combinations of hardware/software are almost incalculable though when you think about it.

  Sir Radfordin 18:41 02 Apr 2004

"The combinations of hardware/software are almost incalculable though when you think about it."

Yup, hence why no-one could ever fully test some software! Even the sequence you do things can make a difference. Sometimes software works fine but if you do one step prior to the others one time differently it can go wrong. Bits get left as temp files, RAM doesn't get cleared etc...

It is only those bugs that happen on every machine regardless of any other factors that can really be solved.

  GaT7 18:46 02 Apr 2004

click here= - it'll take you directly to many similar problems (some solved) posted on the MS Newsgroups.

There's quite a lot to trawl through. Good luck, G

  GaT7 18:57 02 Apr 2004

I originally had 'Outlook 2003 hangs' in the search box. If you put 'Outlook 2003 hanging' in the search box you'll get even more results as this turned out - click here=

  Brian-336451 13:51 03 Apr 2004

Well thanks for that, it seems that I'm far from alone, there a loads of people experiencing exactly what is happening with my machine.

What a good series of threads.

Nice to see that Microsoft are taking it so seriously 'Microsoft says this is a problem' FULL STOP.


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