Installing Additional Memory Run Through

  Border View 10:51 01 Jan 2005

Can you please confirm I've got this right before I start.

I run Windows 98SE have an Evesham 800 Athlon with 128 mb RAM 30 Gb HDD. Ram is PC100SDRAM. I have two empty DIMM slots. I have purchased two correct memory sticks for installation. Never had the side off my computer but have read a lot.

Am I right in thinking this is how you do install the additional memory.

Put latex gloves on.

Unplug everything. Lay tower on side and unscrew and remove side panel.

Locate DIMM slots seat new memory sticks in place and close clips. Make sure they are seated properly.

Replace side panel and plug everything in. Start up and stand back.

Check in system information to see if the additional memory is recognised.

Please tell me if I've missed anything out or not done something I should.

Your advice would be appreciated before I start on this adventure.

  AndySD 10:56 01 Jan 2005

Will this take the RAM to or above 512mb?

  Border View 10:58 01 Jan 2005

No - it will mean that I have 3 x 128 MB Ram = 374. Handbook for motherboard says it will take up to 700 somthing.

  Gongoozler 11:13 01 Jan 2005

Hi Barmoor. That all sounds good. I would check that the memory is identified before putting the covers on - just in case your motherboard has a preference as to which stick goes in which location. I've not heard of the latex gloves idea but it could be useful. I just touch the metal of the computer case before handling any sensitive parts, and try not to touch the components or tracks on the memory modules.

  Border View 11:19 01 Jan 2005

Gongoozler - sorry if this sounds a dat question, but how would I check that the memory is identified before putting the covers on. Does this mean I should plug everything in with the side off?

  Diemmess 11:24 01 Jan 2005

Since the idea is to make sure that the memory never carries a static charge, the very resistant latex will prevent any rogue charge leaking away before it becomes critical.

I would suggest you stay with ordinary clean dry hands which have contacted the metal base of the unit just before handling the memory.

  Gongoozler 11:26 01 Jan 2005

Hi Barmoor. Yes there's no problem running the computer with the covers off. The mains voltage is all contained inside the power supply, and you don't need to touch the insides of the computer anyway.

  Border View 11:26 01 Jan 2005

Thanks Diemmess

  Border View 11:27 01 Jan 2005

Well, here goes fellas. Hope to speak with you soon to let you know how I get on.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:55 01 Jan 2005

Do not wear latex gloves. The surface of the rubber could accumulate and hold a very high voltage which may discharge through the memory modules and destroy one or more chips.

The best thing to do is to get yourself an anti-static wristband and use it to connect yourself to earth when you handle the memory modules, or any other circuit boards within the pc.

Do not leave the pc connected to the mains when work on it. Wristbands have a very high resistance which ensures static is conducted away slowly and safely. As little as 6 volts discharged through a Pentium cpu can cause permanent and irreparable damage.

  Border View 12:00 01 Jan 2005

Mr Mistoffelees - thank you for that.

Another daft question - its an Evesham Tower. Which side do you take off (dont scream) Is it the one with the ventilation holes? There are two philip screws and two nylon oblong slides on each side of the case. Waiting to hear from you fellas.

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