installing a 56k modem...advice required

  worcesterman47 12:00 16 Apr 2008

hi,a friend of mine is running win 2000 & wants me to replace his faulty 56k modem..i have a spare modem he can have (i will download drivers from net)but i cannot for the life of me remember if i have to install modem first or the drivers first ? any advice or help would be greatly appreciated..thanks in advance

  RobCharles1981 12:11 16 Apr 2008

Can your Friend get Broadband where he is?

As for the modem, download the drivers from the net, power down the comp, open the PC Case and locate a spare PCI slot, remove the back plate, stick the card in, and screw the IO Plate in (if you follow), put the case back together.

Boot Up, and Windows Should pick the modem up and your then required to install the driver/software for it.


  Stuartli 12:11 16 Apr 2008

Doesn't matter as it's not a USB device.

Best way is to install the (PCI) modem first and then the drivers.

  worcesterman47 10:13 17 Apr 2008

thanks guys for the info...cpl more i need to remove drivers for the old modem ?..also will the set up of the new modem automatically assign a port or will i have to select one...thanks once again :)

* robtheorganguru ..he can get broadband but only uses pc very very rarely so going back to dial up...cheers

  Stuartli 10:50 17 Apr 2008

If it's an Intel chipset in both modems, the drivers may well be OK for the replacement. Try it first...:-)

From what I remember of my far off dialup days the COMM port should be assigned by Windows.

  wee eddie 14:22 17 Apr 2008

If he only uses the Net occasionally using a Modem.

Every time he logs on, the first 2 hours or so, will be taken up with Windows Updates and his latest AV Downloads. I know that a Modem sounds a good idea but it's not that practical.

If he only does the Net once a week or so ~ Then a visit to the local Library makes more sense.

  worcesterman47 23:40 17 Apr 2008

wee eddie..cheers...what a great thought...i never gave the d/load of updates any kind of thought..i will certainlly pass on info & let him make a choice...many thanks :)

  wee eddie 08:23 18 Apr 2008

We have had a considerable number of Silver Surfers (I just qualify at 62) regretting going down the Dial-up route and asking about Upgrading to Broadband.

As far as I can remember,we have not had a single regretful outcome.

  David4637 10:58 18 Apr 2008

Switch updates off, using the net once per week the risk is minimal anyway. I have not downloaded updates for 5-6 years now. I use ACRONIS and have NEVER had a problem. If I did, I just use ACRONIS and have a PC back in use in 10 MINUTES. David

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