Installing 2.0 USB (& Firewire) - various question

  Attajulian 17:48 27 Dec 2004

I have a three year old high spec Evesham PC which I think must have 1.1 USB ports, having ready messages in the various forums. I believe from checking out Device Manager, I have two USB host controllers (ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller) and two USB Root Hubs which appear to have three ports each. I have four external USB ports - two at the front of the computer and two at the back.
(1) I have just bought an Apple mini iPod which will only communicate with USB 2.0 or firewire. Although Firewire seems faster, it seems that USB 2.0 is the better option as it is more common. Would anyone agree or have advice on this issue?
(2) If I install a new USB 2.0 card (i.e. not replacing the old ones) I assume I just find a spare slot at the back of the PC and slide it in? Will the existing four external ports be automatically upgraded to 2.0 or how does that work?
(3) In the forum, there is mention of internal USB ports. What is an internal USB port and how could it ever be used?

  Totally-braindead 18:32 27 Dec 2004

If you install a new USB 2.0 card the only ports which will be USB 2.0 will be the ones on the card, all the others will stay as USB 1.0 . Have a look at click here as you can see theres quite a choice and the prices are good too. Make sure if you buy one from here that you buy one with the USB 2.0 card to connect to the PCI slot in your PC as well as making sure you have a spare slot of course. One thing I should mention is in Device Manager it'll be listed as "enhanced USB" this means its USB 2.0 slightly confusing, in my opinion it would have been a lot better for it come up USB 2.0 but there you are. Also notice you can get cards which not only do USB 2.0 but Firewire as well, worth thinking about if you're unsure which way to go. Internal USB ports are what you have by the way, they're the ports on your case and built in to your computer, if you install a USB 2.00 card then these ports will also be classes as internal but they will be USB 2.0 , the other USB connectors all stay USB 1.0

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