installed xp+it wants me to 'register'?

  buel 07:27 27 May 2009

hi, iv recently installed xp on a brand new h.d and i entered the correct code from the sticker on the side of the pc, i now have a little bubble popping up telling me to 'register' it and i only have 27 days left to do it, please can anyone tell me what this will entail?

  jack 07:33 27 May 2009

If the system is already registered to you then you are fine.
XP relies on Motherboard/Hard drive I/D to verify that it is being used by the authorized owner.

  Sea Urchin 09:30 27 May 2009
  buel 09:33 27 May 2009

well the actual pc belongs to a friend so what do i do? do i register it to his name?

  Sea Urchin 09:44 27 May 2009

Registration is optional and provides Microsoft with your contact information so that they can notify you of important updates and offers.

Yes, unless you want to be notified of all updates to his computer

  buel 10:01 27 May 2009

thanks for that, i just wondered if it was to do with entering the code from the sticker on the side of the pc! if i had entered that wrong how would i know about it?

  bjh 10:14 27 May 2009

Registration and activation are two separate things.

You have 30 days from install to activate your copy of XP. If the code is invalid, you will find that XP will not activate. If the code is incorrectly typed in, you will be offered an opportunity to correct it.

Registration involves giving Name, Address, Tel, No, Email, trouser and hat size, fingerprints.... well, I exaggerate. It's totally unnecessary, optional, and is just a marketing tool by Microsoft.

You will need to let the machine activate (online). Just follow the instructions. If you need to do it by phone, the option is there, is automated, but slow and tedious...

  woodchip 11:23 27 May 2009

If you are connected to the net it will do it auto, and yes you need to register. If it had a Pre-installed OS the OS key may be a different one to the one on the Case. I have two Medion Computers like that. as they supply a Restore CD and a Operating System CD with there Name on it not Microsoft. This is so I can do a Clean Install and remove all Medion Stuff if I want to. But I would then need to use the Key on the Case and Register it

  keef66 13:59 27 May 2009

bjh is correct. Once you install XP you are invited to Activate and Register your copy of Windows. Activation is mandatory and you must do it within 30 days or it will stop working. It's nearly always possible to do it quickly and painlessly via the internet.

Registration is optional, and I never bother. Bill Gates never came round to ask any difficult questions

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