Installed XP - now PC won't boot up

  Kenny Ken 14:27 13 Aug 2007

Hi all,

I had a wee search of the forum annd couldn't find any similar problems, so I hope someone can kindly help me:

I installed XP on my PC and now it says when it rebooted that it hasn't fully installed. It keeps going back to menu where I can reboot, or use last known configuration that works etc. Even safe mode doesn't go anywhere.
I reinstalled it, and pressed the option to repair it, but it still comes back to the same boot up menu. Booting from the disc doesn't change matters either.

I already had XP, but was testing the copy for a friend (doh!). I hadn't uninstalled my XP, so that might have something to do with it.

I had a menu at startup that gives me the option of using Windows or Linux, but it now seems to skip that, so I can do nothing at all with my PC.

Also, does reinstalling Windows wipe my C drive? I've been told it does, but a menu on the reinstallation bit showed the amount of memory used as having not been wiped.

If anyone can help, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks in advance.

  pk46 19:36 13 Aug 2007

Looks like you will have todo a FULL REINSTALL if you have a dual boot you will have to delete Lynux
if you have a W98 or ME floppy run FDISK it will show the partitions delete them and reinstall WXP.
Don't know what you mean you tested a WXP copy and didn't uninstall your copy one will delete the other unless it is an illegal copy that is corrupt.

  woodchip 19:40 13 Aug 2007

If you have a Full XP disc and Key. Then download Killdisk to clear the Hard Drive, then reinstall XP click here

  Kenny Ken 11:25 14 Aug 2007

pk46, I was offered the option of removing the partitions on my hard drive before reinstalling XP, but wasn't sure of the implications. All my software and documents and music etc is on the C drive, which I'm anxious to preserve if possible - particularly the 70GB of music!

Woodchip, I have the disc and key for XP, but am trying not to wipe my hard drive if at all possible.

I reinstalled it (as well as repaired it) but nothing has changed - does that mean this XP is corrupt and possibly illegal?

Thanks for your help.

  woodchip 17:17 14 Aug 2007

Repair should have put it right, but you could try this click here

  brundle 17:38 14 Aug 2007

A work-around is to boot from your XP CD, go to the Recovery console, access your c: drive, rename the "Documents and Settings", "Program Files" and "Windows" folders to anything you like (just as long as you rename them), reboot, install XP (ignore any recognised existing XP install) - you'll have to spend a while moving all the data back (not programs, you need to re-install those) and deleting the junk and system folders but you keep all your files. Not a very tidy solution but it does work. Make sure you have at least 10gb free space before you start though. The boot CD woodchip linked to has an Explorer-like DOS tool which will make the renaming/deletion much simpler.

  brundle 17:40 14 Aug 2007

To clarify, the DOS tool helps with renaming the folders on the drive before re-install. Try Freecommander for a Windows based Explorer replacement; click here

  Kenny Ken 19:08 21 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help guys.
I've now got XP working and preserved most files and software by installing it in a different partition, though this has caused some problems:
1. The Orange Livebox broadband connection doesn't get picked up by the PC.
2. The boot-up menu comes up offering me 2 XPs to boot from - presumably my XP and the one I installed that caused all these problems. It also takes a long time to boot up.

If anyone has any words of advice, I would be so grateful! Thanks in advance

  Kenny Ken 19:10 21 Aug 2007

Orange Customer Services said that XP must be lacking the appropriate driver which is why the PCs not detecting the Livebox- could this be the case?

  umbongo(uk) 21:28 21 Aug 2007

yes as you need to install all motherboard drivers after you put the operating system on

find your motherboard make go to their website download all relavent drivers for the board install them
should sort it unless you already did this

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