Installed new RAM - system doesn't recognise it

  MrSheen 19:07 12 Mar 2008

I've just put in a new 512 into one of my PCs 3 spare slots. Turned my machine on, and checked in System Properties and under the Computer: section it's only showing the origina 512 MB of RAM. I ran DxDiag and that showed the same 512. When I open Task Manager though, it shows xxxM / 1248M in the bottom right of the status bar. Does this mean that the new memory is working okay?
Sorry if it's a basic query. I've checked the forums and can't find anyone else who's asked this. Apologies if someone has.

  Totally-braindead 19:11 12 Mar 2008

Where did you get the new memory from? Are you sure its the right memory? It sounds to me like its not the right memory and is not being recognised by your motherboard.

  MrSheen 19:14 12 Mar 2008

Got the new memory from eBay. Not sure if that's my wisest moment or not, but there you go. I'm sure it's the right memory as I bought the wrong memory the 1st time round so made sure the 2nd attempt was right. does this mean it's just dud memory?

  Totally-braindead 19:18 12 Mar 2008

Possibly. Or it might be the wrong memory.

To explain briefly. Its not just a matter of picking a type of memory like DDR and a speed of memory theres a lot more to it. Thats why I and others on this Forum advise people to go to Crucial. Theres things like parity to take into account and some motherboards are very very fussy. Some will take almost anything so its swings and roundabouts.

Could you take the original memory out and put the new one in on its own and see what happens and post back.

  mrwoowoo 19:19 12 Mar 2008

As you have 3 spare slots,i take it you have 4 in total.
If your original ram is in slot one,then your new ram should normally into slot 3 i believe.Could be why it's not recognised.

  MrSheen 19:20 12 Mar 2008

will try both those things

be right back

(fatal last words or what!)

  MAT ALAN 19:21 12 Mar 2008

512 + 512 does not add up to 1248 so probably not, try the module in a diferent slot, try it on its own

click here

run the memory upgrade advisor tool from the link, it will tell you exactly what you can have in your PC.

click here

you could also run the diagnostic too, it will tell you if your memory is OK or not...

  skidzy 19:23 12 Mar 2008

What does SIW say is installed click here look under Hardware / System Info / Physical Memory.

  MrSheen 19:39 12 Mar 2008

right...first off, I know that 512 x 2 isn't 1248 but wasn't sure if this was one of those instances where things don't add up (i.e a 160GB hard drive only gives you 157GB on your machine...or something)

aaanyway...I've tried the 2 suggestions of using the memory in slot 1 on it's own and in slot 3 with the original memory.

On its own, when i tried to boot up, there was just an intermittent beep from the machine and it didnt boot. The new memory is now in slot 3 and it still doesn't seem to be showing anywhere I look.

Do i need to be leaving some negative feedback for this seller?

  MrSheen 19:42 12 Mar 2008

Just checked SIW and its showing 512 physical memory and 1249 virtual memory...

  MAT ALAN 19:42 12 Mar 2008

May not be duff, it may just be the wrong type,
if you run the upgrade advisor and compare the details it may give you a clue as to whether it is the right type or not...

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