installed new driver for tablet- problems

  goforit 22:54 26 Jul 2008

I installed a new driver from the Wacom site for my Intuos 3 (checked carefully I had the right driver). As directed, I uninstalled the previous version first.

However, now the stylus does not seem to be able to recognise the tablet 'area' correctly and I find that the tablet itself does not appear on the list of hardware in the control panel.

I am very technically challenged over this so any comments, please make them as idiot-proof as poss.


  ambra4 23:53 26 Jul 2008

Uninstall the new driver and reinstall the the old driver

Was there a problem you was having with the old drivers

  goforit 10:35 27 Jul 2008

Thanks Ambra4. No I wasn't having problems with the old driver but thought I should keep drivers up to date. Unfortunately, I didn't have a copy of the old driver so don't know what to do.

As you can see I am fairly technically challenged!
Woe is me, I'm seriously stuck without my tablet!


  jack 10:46 27 Jul 2008

Worked OK uninstall the whole application
Then dig out the CD and start over.

You did not mention which operating system you have- always useful - Vista for example has considerable problems with drivers for older devices

  goforit 11:07 27 Jul 2008

Thanks so much for your reply Jack. Thankfully, I still have the CD. So I will try that.

  T0SH 11:40 27 Jul 2008

In XP and I believe in Vista there is a "driver roll back" to a previous version button available from the device properties on the Driver tab

Cheers HC

  goforit 11:19 28 Jul 2008

Thanks very much Tosh. I will go looking for that. It sounds a very handy thing to know about.

Meanwhile, I have been able to re-install the original driver so I am happily back on track.


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