Installed more RAM, pc won't boot

  Rockarch 11:03 22 Mar 2009

I have an old pc running XP Pro. It had 256MB of RAM so I bought another 512MB to speed it up. There are 3 slots on the motherboard. When I put any memory into slot 2, windows won't load.
I know I havn't dislodged anything, and that I have put it in properly.
I have updated the BIOS which was what was recommended by crucial which hasn't made any difference. The crucial scan indicates that I should be able to put 1536MB total in.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

  bremner 11:16 22 Mar 2009

What happens if you put the new stick into slots 1 or 3?

  Forum Editor 11:18 22 Mar 2009

If it is slot 2 try removing the existing 256Mb module, then put the new memory into the number 1 slot.

The computer should now start. If it does, replace the old module, but put it into the number 2 slot. If the computer fails to start you probably have a RAM incompatibility, and it might be an idea to buy a second 512Mb module from Crucial and try the old memory in the number 3 slot, or ditch it altogether.

  Rockarch 11:18 22 Mar 2009

The new stick is in slot 1 now and works fine when it is on its own.
I will try moving the other stick to slot 3 to see if the problem is slot 2

  Rockarch 11:24 22 Mar 2009

With new memory in slot 1 and old in slot 3 I just get a strangled beep sound and a grey screen.

With new memory in slot 1 and old in slot 2 I get the black start up screens but then windows won't load.

  Sea Urchin 11:28 22 Mar 2009

As FE suggested I would say you have an incompatibility between the two sticks of RAM

  Forum Editor 11:30 22 Mar 2009

in terms of type and speed? It's sounding as if there's a RAM incompatibility - it's very unlikely (but not impossible) that there's a faulty slot.

  Rockarch 11:32 22 Mar 2009

This sounds like the most likely but is a bit annoying as I was hoping to just stick in the extra memory and be done with it ... which is what has happened in the other pcs I have upgraded.

The new ram is
512MB 168pin DIMM SDRAM PC133
If I buy another stick the same, would you expect it to work?

  Rockarch 11:36 22 Mar 2009

The new RAM is what I was advised to buy by Crucial to match what was already in the PC.
I did a scan with CPUz which they suggested and that is how we got to which ram it should be. This is a pc I inherited that was built in a local shop somewhere.

I'm afraid I don't understand the different types of memory.

  Forum Editor 11:38 22 Mar 2009

would you expect it to work?"

Yes, buy another 512Mb module, put it in slot number two and ditch the original, or try it in the number three slot.

  Rockarch 11:42 22 Mar 2009

OK Thanks - I'll try that and hope for the best.
At least it is already faster running the 512MB

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