Installed ethernet card ,and crashed.

  geoff47 01:14 29 May 2003

I have toyed with Linux with not a lot of joy,probably me.But found out it works better with an ethernet card,apparently it drops usb connected Cable modems,
Anyway.....I have opened my case for the very first time and installed a cheap ethernet card.discarding the old card while I was in there.
When I booted up all went well until connection just failed...couldnt load windows at all.cant recall the error messge but couldnt resolve it till I had to reinstall windows everything is fine.Before installing the drivers for the new card,I disabled the previous network adapters in system device manager.
Does anyone know what went wrong first time,and have I done it right this time?
Thanks for any information.

  Dr. Charles 02:22 29 May 2003

Geoff47, I suggest you look at these other postings about linux which are on the board and I have answered. I was unaware that linux 8 doesn`t seem to support USB. Is this the problem??



  geoff47 00:29 31 May 2003

Sorry for the delay in replying,but am having problems again with the new card,its a Belkin F5D500 PCI card.
I have never had any problem connecting previously,but as I said I opened the PC case and installed the new card,since then had to reinstall windows,as stated above,and today came home and my daughter said it wasnt working again, the modem was now not showing in Device manager,so I attempted to reinstall it.It is working now (obviously) but still doesnt show anywhere.Its an NTL broadband modem,and although it is connecting the Installer setup disc didnt finish and seems to go around in circles.
Should I persivere with the set up disc,phone the help line(god help us)or does anyone where its failing me,or indeed I failing it.
Dr Charles I dont have Linux on the PC, but there is a problem with USB modems and Mandrake according to what I found out when trying to set it up.I was advised to get a pci/ethernet card as that would solve the continued dropped connections.
I am confused by this problem,hope I have explained it clearly enough for some advice where its gone wrong.
Thanks Geoff47

  jazzypop 00:40 31 May 2003

Your NTL 'modem' will not show up in device manager as a modem, as strictly speaking it is not a modem at all - it is just a network device that allows you to connect to the NTL servers, and onwards to the Web.

As long as your Ethernet card is listed correctly in Device Manager under Network Adaptors, and you are connecting OK, don't worry.

If the connection problem relates to sending / receiving email (only), but your web browsing is ok, again, relax. NTL email servers seem to be struggling at the moment, and connection to their email servers (at least in my area) is intermittent at best. These email problems happen occasionally with NTL, and are normally resolved by them fairly swiftly.

If you are having problems with web access, perhaps you could describe the symptoms that occur.

  geoff47 23:01 02 Jun 2003

Since installing the ethernet card,everytime I shut down the computor,I am having to reinstall the connection.
I dont know too much about the way these things work,obviously,so let me explain what happened.
I run the set up disc from NTL and get connected ok,I know all about NTL mail and newsgroup problems and annoying as they are thats not the problem.It is just that everytime I reboot,the connection doesn't work until I reinstall it again with the disc.This last time it wouldn't install,but tells me it is installed missing several steps.I have had a torrid time now loosing everything on the PC,reformatted and reinstalled the connection again,but fear next time I reboot it will be a problem yet again.
Can there be some conflict on the PC ?
The card I discarded may still effect things I thought.
Fingers crossed it maybe sorted now as all seems fine but then again I have not turned the PC off yet....will do just that and tick the box if all is OK.

  geoff47 23:12 02 Jun 2003

Switched off,made a coffee and rebooted so it seems OK now......perhaps it was me not installing properly ....may be back.
My apologies if this was a false alarm although I have had a lot of tweaking to get back here after two days off line and re installing windows.
Ticking with my fingers crossed.

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