Installed Broadband now dial up wont work!

  mugwumpone 17:45 09 Mar 2007

I recently installed NTL Broadband on my old PC which has Windows 98. It worked for 4 days and then stopped! Ntl help told my my PC was not capable of using it. So I went and got a new Computer and am quite happy with broadband.

However! I have moved my old PC upstairs and would like to be able to connect using my dial up connection. It will dial up and connect but I get the dreaded "Page not Found"

Does anyone know how I can reset my Old PC so that I can use the dial up occasionally?. Then the family can use the old one and I keep this to myself !!!!!

Thank you

  Technotiger 17:54 09 Mar 2007

Hi, I do believe it cannot be done without having another/different phone line.

On the other hand you might be able to get the old pc to connect wirelessly, and share the broadband, with the right equipment.

I am with BT though, and have no knowledge of NTL use. Others may come and share their thoughts...

  Tim1964 17:56 09 Mar 2007

I had been using NTL BB and ADSL BB on a Win98 PC for the last 8 years (6yrs with NTL) with no problems (BB wise) at all.

Does the Win98 PC have a network card in it? If not they are very easy to fit and can be found for around £5. Then you can network the PCs and share the net connection at the same time.

There really is no need to use dialup when you are paying for BB anyway.

  Tim1964 17:58 09 Mar 2007

The dial up connection will be 'seen' as a normal phone call by the ASDL line.

mugwumpone, is your BB via cable with NTL or ASDL?

  Woolwell 18:05 09 Mar 2007

I am not sure that you can log in with broadband and dial-up with the same ISP and the same account. Perhaps others can comment on this.

The answer is probably to install a network card as Tim1964 has stated.

  mugwumpone 18:12 09 Mar 2007

Thanks for your replies.l

Sorry I didnt say that I had been using 2 different dialups quite successfully for about 5 years on my old PC. Someone did say that trying to install BB on it might have "corrupted" the settings.

I only want to use it occasionally for pay as you go dial up.

I now have NTL BB on my new PC


  Technotiger 18:26 09 Mar 2007

Hmm, by 2 different dialups, what do you mean exactly? - two different Accounts on one number or two different dialup numbers?

  mugwumpone 18:32 09 Mar 2007


Two different dial up numbers NTL and BT.

I only want to use the BT one now. Have cancelled NTL


  Technotiger 18:34 09 Mar 2007

OK - I agree with your choice of BT. The simplest thing now then, is for you to fit a network card in the old pc and then share the broadband at no extra cost.

  mugwumpone 18:38 09 Mar 2007

No have NTL BB

Just want to know if I can restore the old PC settings to use the old dial up

  woodchip 18:43 09 Mar 2007

No reason why it should not work, You should have the modem cables connected to the right side of the filter. Old Dial-up goes the the phone side, not BB side of the filter, and BB to the other side.

PS the above, would have to be different accounts. They will not both work with the same account. It may do if you are on CABLE

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