installed 2nd. hard drive, need more advice.

  GOBEEN 21:24 30 Jan 2005

Hi ppl.I installed my second hard drive easily, thanks to all your help,now I need you again, there are three of us use this P/C. er indoors, and my angel daughter,we can all click our own opener,what I need is, how to let my daughter click on hers and open the new disk which is "D" having moved the C/D. rom along a letter it is now "E".she has a load of music on the old disk and we just run out of room I know how to move her recordings to the new disk,I am running W/XP.Pro. 512Mem. Athlon/t/bird CPU.1200.
is there a way to do this,it is a clean new formatted disk,do I also have to install "W/XP.on it
to do this.thanks, GOB.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 30 Jan 2005

leave Xp on the old drive.

Use explorer to copy folders containg the music onto the new drive unless it is contained in a music player (Itunes? folder)

you will then need to tell the music player where the files have been moved to. Usually a matter of search in the library section of the player.

What player do you have installed? media player?

  GOBEEN 21:54 30 Jan 2005

Thanks F/B.we use "MEDIA PLAYER" I can move each folder of music across to "D"no probs,I just need to know how to make "D"open when she clicks her user of the "C" we all use.I want to have "D" as her dedicated disk.any ideas????,GOB.

  Jeffers22 22:41 30 Jan 2005

Take a look at HyperOs OneClick. For about £50 you can each have your own "computer" It handles all the partitioning (comes with Partition Magic 8) and makes up to 3 extra copies of your windows XP on your machine so you can have one each. It also makes it only a 5 minute job to get back to up and running with a new copy if you trash one. see click here

  Jeffers22 22:42 30 Jan 2005

I think it's under £50 on QVC and they have a 30 day no quibble returns policy.

  GOBEEN 23:31 30 Jan 2005

Thanks Jeffrs.but I have partition magic 8.there was just no room on my "C" disk.I installed a 80gig. drive specifficaly for my daughters use.but, I do not know how to make it open when she clicks on,I want her to be able to access "D" which is now hers ,when I can solve this that is,anybody else help me ,please, GOB.

  GOBEEN 01:29 31 Jan 2005

Hi again ppl,I could not load win/xp.on my newly installed 2nd.hard drive so Iv'e decided to make the new much larger disk the master drive,what I'm thinking of doing is cloneing the origonal "C"onto the new "D" what i need is a link to a free cloner prog.please,GOB.

  GOBEEN 01:31 31 Jan 2005


  Chezdez 01:43 31 Jan 2005

for the original query, i've never heard of anyone doing this, except by a dual boot system, but i'm not sure how to do dual boot

and sorry, i don't know any free cloning programs, apart from copy/paste, which you can't do with system files. what about ghosting? again, i don't know any free ghost programs, but i'm sure there will be some out there

  temp003 09:21 31 Jan 2005

On cloning, just go to the website of the manufacturer of the new hdd, and download a free utility (they all have their own tools) which can do the cloning for you, and make the new hdd bootable. Just follow the instructions.

For this method, all the links to music files in Windows Media Player will continue to work, and everything works in the same way as before. You also have your OS on a new hdd which ought to have a longer life, which is not a bad idea.

Option 2 is to keep the original hdd as master, keep the original OS, but just move the target of your daughter's My Documents icon on her desktop to the new D drive (or a new folder on the new D drive). Log on to her account. Right click your daughter's My Documents icon, click Properties, click Move, browse to D (or the newly created folder on D whatever you call it), click OK, OK, and you will be asked whether you want to move the files from the old location to the new. Say yes, and all the files and subfolders will be moved to the new location for you. Open her Windows Media Player, delete the old music library (but not the files on the computer), and get it to rescan D for music files and re-create the music library.

All future files which are supposed to go into her My Documents folder will be saved to the new location on D drive (including her music files on WMP). This may be a quicker method.

Option 3 is to install a second copy of XP on to D, and let your daughter use that as her "exclusive" OS. The advantage is she has her own OS and if she gets viruses, they will (most of the time - but not always) only affect her own OS. But this will mean more space is taken up, and you need to update 2 copies of Windows, and install all programs on to the new OS. You probably don't want that. But if you do, post back for instructions.

  GOBEEN 22:52 31 Jan 2005

Thanks temp003,just what I wanted,cheers, gob

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