Installation single SATA Hard Drive with Asus mobo

  Newuser1445 11:01 11 Apr 2004

I have built a new system using an Asus K8V mobo, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor and intend using a single Samsung 160 Gb SATA Hard Drive which is to be partitioned with a dual boot facility (Win 98SE and XP Home)

I have installed the HDD on the Primary SATA connection but on powering up the HDD is not recognised.

I am sure that there is a simple matter that I have overlooked. I would be grateful for any help!

  ferrex 12:34 11 Apr 2004

Check that it show's up in the BIOS, if it's not that, it's beyond me. I'm almost new too.

  Newuser1445 12:50 11 Apr 2004

Not showing up in BIOS im afraid

  Sion 12:58 11 Apr 2004

You have to turn on the SATA drives in the bios. On my ASUS motherboard ib the I/O bios menu there should be an option for Onboard SATA boot. make sure its on. Check your hard disk is set to master...thats all i can think of at the moment !

  ensonricky 13:04 11 Apr 2004

Have yu loaded the SATA drivers frim floppy during the installation of you hard disk.

  Sion 13:07 11 Apr 2004

take a lookie here, i think this may help. different motherboard, but should still apply to your situation. click here

hope it helps.

  Rayuk 15:24 11 Apr 2004

Is there a jumper on the board you have to switch over?

  Rayuk 15:33 11 Apr 2004

Looks like its a bios setting

  Chegs ® 15:42 11 Apr 2004

SATA hdd's need their driver loading 1st,its nothing to do with BIOS(other than 1st boot/2nd boot options)

  Rayuk 15:54 11 Apr 2004

If its not enabled in the bios it wont detect it,you only need to instal the drivers when you are loading the os

  Sion 18:11 11 Apr 2004

Looked into the matter for you, SATA drives will NOT show up in the bios menu. Just go to install windows as you would normally, then follow the advice in the link i gave above (put the SATA drivers off your driver disk onto a floppy disk) when windows install asks if u want to install third party Raid or SCSI drivers, click yes (or F6, whatever it asks!) and isntall the SATA drivers off the floppy disk. Then carry on as normal, when u next boot up your machine, after the machine posts CPU and memory info on startup, another screen will load up with the SATA drive info. OK. !! Hope this works, as it should do.

let us know how it goes.

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