Installation from Restore disc

I have an old machine with Win 98 installed.I also have a second machine with Win XP Home installed and a Restore disc for this machine(not a full Win XP disc).
My daughter is looking for a computer and I thought of formatting the Hard Drive on the Win98 machine and try to do a clean install of Win XP from the Restore disc.
Does anyone know if this would work?

  vinnyT 13:03 11 Oct 2006

No, a restore disk will (probably) look for a hidden partition on the disk of the original pc, where the os and system files/drivers are located.

You could try it on the old machine, however this would not be legal, if it did work (really doubtful) then you would have differculty in registering/updating as this would already be registered to the orinal pc.


  daxian 13:04 11 Oct 2006

hi mack 1....
restore disks are tied to the pc they are installed on so it would not work .
plus mr gates only allows one windows to one pc
so it would be illegal. Dave

  jimv7 13:08 11 Oct 2006

No it would not work, all the drivers on the restore disc are for your computer only, plus its already registered for yours.

  woodchip 13:38 11 Oct 2006

XP will not work on the computer you would have to buy a new CD

  Strawballs 13:57 11 Oct 2006

Why not just reinstall 98se on it depending on it's spec it might not be up to running XP.

What is the CPU and how much memory for example.

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