installation of oem copy xp

  aqua3 15:05 28 Aug 2004

is it possible to install an oem version of xp pro(sp1)over the top of of an older version without sp1. I`m looking for an uncomplicated install as if it was an upgrade i.e letting windows do all the work with minimum input from me. Don`t have the tech.expertise for anything complicated

  spuds 16:01 28 Aug 2004

Should work.It did for me. Only question..XP Pro older-newer version, what do you have!!.

  aqua3 16:33 28 Aug 2004

original is non registered, on pc when obtained, therefore unable to install any new service packs when released. "New" one (OEM,)is completely legal version.

  Djohn 16:43 28 Aug 2004

Follow this excellent guide from one of our forum members. [Powerless] it will show you everything you need to do. If you click on the graphics on the left of the page they will enlarge so that you can read the screen shots.
click here

  Djohn 16:45 28 Aug 2004

The guide is spread over 6 pages, so just click on the continue button at the bottom of each page.

  aqua3 16:52 28 Aug 2004

don`t want to get into any kind of formatting if poss.!Just really would like to stick the cd in the tray & "away you go!" Is that possible?Just Windows upgrading itself?

  aqua3 17:14 28 Aug 2004

forgot to say thanks Djohn!

  cga 17:28 28 Aug 2004

I will probably be corrected but I was fairly sure that you could not use an OEM CD to perform an upgrade.

The other issue is that the oem version is only legal if it was bought with qualifying hardware (Eg Disk Drive)

Subject to the validity status of your oem version - my recommendation would be to:

1. Save all your data to a CD or 2nd Hard drive

2. Format the System partition of your disk to start afresh

3. Stick your CD in and away you will go.

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