install of xp upgrade on 'virgin' disc

  TBH1 09:42 20 May 2003

owing to problems I'm having, highlighted in another thread, I think I will need to be installing a new hard-drive. If I install Windows XP Home Upgrade onto this , would I need to first install Windows 98SE (my current system) ?

And is it "idiot proof".

  -pops- 09:46 20 May 2003

Preferably DON'T install your 98 first. You can start with the XP disk and at some point in the installation it will ask to look at your "qualifying system". Put the 98 disk in and just follow the instructions.

Make sure you are booting from CD.


  -pops- 09:47 20 May 2003

Regarding idiot proof - couldn't be easier. Apart from letting it see the qualifying disk, it does it all itself although you might want to stay and "hold its hand".

  Djohn 10:07 20 May 2003

Insert XP Disk and follow on-screen instructions, after entering your keycode, you will be asked to insert qualifying O/S, insert your CD, XP will give it a quick scan, ask you to remove and re-insert the XP disk, and install will continue.

Very straightforward, only page to watch for is the language settings. On this page you need to carry out two task. First is to select your language. "English UK" then before you move off that page, look at the second option, "Keyboard". Change that also to, "English UK" then apart from setting the time zone, it will pretty much install itself. J.

  TBH1 10:39 20 May 2003

thanks for this - - just looking for a 'bargain' now for Windows XP - -

  Cas141 12:04 20 May 2003

This is very well explained and thank you.
Could you clarify two points please?
1. Is there any advantage, if so, what, in using the OEM version of XP?
2. If I wanted to dual boot with 98SE, I would need to create a partition , say half of the HD, for Windows 98SE; load it, and then put in the XP disc and follow instructions from there, yes?- I think:)


  -pops- 12:08 20 May 2003

1. It's cheaper! (and you don't get a useless but pretty coloured box.

2. Do you really need the two? I thought I would but, no, you soon forget about W98. WXP likes to be placed after any other version. I'm not sure that an OEM would take kindly to that.


  ardvarc 12:20 20 May 2003

I have two systems running this and you don't have to insert WIN 98 disk for verification. FDISK, format and a clean install on new drives. Does what it says on the tin :-). If you go for it the product key is stuck on the outside of the plastic wrapping so care is needed.

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  TBH1 12:31 21 May 2003

have decided against this ( coward) - - have bought new hard drive and installed W98SE - - thought it would be easiest solution - - how wrong can one be ????

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