Install XP Pro on Dell Optiplex 755

  Eargasm 23:09 12 Jul 2010

Hi All
Just bought a second hand tower a Dell Optiplex 755 Core 2 Duo 1GB Ram 80 GB Hard drive ( only £20) so i am not too fussed if i can't resolve this issue.
The computer would not boot up ( stuck in a loop) and came with no recovery or driver Cd's. It does however have a Genuine COA Sticker on the case for XP PRO. So i borrowed a XP Pro disk from work and wiped the hard drive to start afresh, all went well until entering the 25 digit key from the case it will not accept it " Invalid Product Key".
I have looked in the I386 Folder of the XP Disk at the PID value and it ends in 270 which means it is a Volume Licence CD and is not compatible.
So my question is will a XP Pro OEM Disk work with the code on the case, or is it specific to Dell and therefore need a Dell XP Pro disk ?
I have in the past used my XP Home OEM Disk on other peoples computers with their code to reinstall without any problems and activate by phone.

  Taff™ 00:02 13 Jul 2010

XP Pro disk will work as long as it is an OEM version. I`ve done this with a Dell machine in the past. May need activating by phone though if I remember correctly.

  bobbybluenose 00:11 13 Jul 2010

yes you will activate this by phone,

  Eargasm 21:29 13 Jul 2010

Thanks all, I will see if i can borrow a XP Pro OEM and give it another go.

  Taff™ 15:50 15 Jul 2010

Did you manage to borrow the right disc and get it working?

  Eargasm 18:29 15 Jul 2010

Hi Taff
As yet i have not managed to borrow a disc, everyone i have asked at work only has a recovery partition on their hard drives and no actual disc.
I'm off on my jollies on Sunday 2 weeks in Turkey, so i will leave it until after then and see if i can pick up a copy on ebay.

  Eargasm 10:16 17 Jul 2010

Just found this on Ebay £10.50 including postage

Can anyone confirm that this would work with my Dell code ? Thanks

click here

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