To install xp home

  bonze 17:31 16 Nov 2004

I'm thinking of installing XP Home.But I can't seem to find any of the correct info,on instalation. I under stand thatit can be loaded alongside another OPS on the same Drive.I'm running Windows ME at the moment on a40 Gig drive.
Any advice would be welcome

  alan227 17:56 16 Nov 2004

You will need to install ME first. Boot with the ME CD in the drive and create a partition to install it (maybe use half of your hard drive for ME, leave the other half unformatted).

Once ME has been installed, boot the PC with the XP CD and choose to keep the current OS and install XP on the free space that is left on your hard drive.

After XP is installed, every time you boot up, you'll be given the option to boot with either ME or XP.

  Danoh 19:42 16 Nov 2004

You don't mention it, but I suspect that you have only 1 drive or partition which uses up all of your 40Gb.

If so, then your ME O/S and data are all on the same partition and you will need to backup all your data first before you attempt to setup dual boot on a single hard drive, as each O/S will need its own separate partition. While you are setting up partitions, you might as well plan ahead and set up a 3rd partition for your Data which will have to be formatted as FAT32 if you intend your ME to access it as well as XP.

Why do you wish to have dual boot O/S setup anyway?

Also, make sure that your PC's specifications are sufficient for XP to run well on.

  Danoh 20:18 16 Nov 2004

For a step by step guide click here

  bonze 16:20 17 Nov 2004

Thank you Alan & Donah you have given me something to think about.I might just stay with ME until I upgrade the whole sytsem.

  Danoh 17:36 17 Nov 2004

Not much wrong with ME although my personal preference would be Windows 98SE, even though the USB connectivity is much less plug'n'play.

Hard drives are cheap and smaller capacity units to match your MoBO's assumed BIOS limited capability are even cheaper but increasingly less common. Memory (aim for 512Mb) is also relatively cheap, so it might be time for you to considering upgrading your PC.

After all, thats what it is originally architectured to do; have an easy OEM component upgrade path. If only they won't keep messing around with the CPU and thereby the MoBo's etc. :-)

  bonze 12:25 18 Nov 2004

Cheers Danoh. I already have 512mem it was just that listening and reading about XP that started me thinking of buying and installing it. There is nothing wrong with my present system just the I want syndrom.

  Danoh 13:47 18 Nov 2004

When my nephew's >3yr old ME PC's 30Gb HDD started to fail on him, I pushed him towards XP rather than reinstall his ME on a new HDD. Especially as he could get XP Home OEM for c£100 less than full retail (£58) together with his HDD order. They now come with SP2 integrated into a single installation CD.

As he is no longer single and with a new child, digital camcorder, camera, etc., XP's mutiple user accounts and much better built in integration with modern peripherals has compelling merit.

He wanted a 160Gb hdd but we found his MoBo, even with BIOS updates, can only handle 80Gb unless we fox it into thinking the HDD is smaller. So we ended up with 2 80Gb HDDs for him, a combined USB2 & Firewire PCI card as his MoBo is USB1.1 only.

With the 1st HDD partitioned to 19+Gb for the D: Windows-system installation, once he decided how he would like to make use of the rest of his digital estate, I partitoned the rest for him. So now they have daily automated data backup to the 2nd HDD as well as weekly complete C: drive image backup.

After all, when the worst comes to the worst, its always your most recent data that you want most critically. 1 wk old backups really doesn't hit the mark.

Now to find time to do the same to my own setup! :-)

  Danoh 13:49 18 Nov 2004

Sorry, I meant "C: Windows-system" rather than D: above.

  bonze 13:17 19 Nov 2004

Danoh, Do you meen that an HDD can be purchased with XP already installed as a seperate item to fitted to the tower. Ian

  bonze 13:21 19 Nov 2004

Sorry that was mistaken thinking.But it all seems like a good idea. Ian

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