Install Word to other than C drive

  taffyal 11:21 11 Dec 2005

Hi! I have just done a clean reinstall of XP, & used Partition Magic to make a new drive J. When I try to install Word, it insists on going to C. I tried to swop the drive letters over, but PM said it may not boot if I do that. So, can anyone tell me,please, how to get things to go where I want them? I have other progs to install, Photoshop etc, & I want everything on the new partition, so a reinstall of Windows will be easier-& quicker- next time! Thanks, Al

  taffyal 11:30 11 Dec 2005

When wrote "Word" I meant Office 2003!Its just that the only part I use is Word!!

  Smiler 11:37 11 Dec 2005

First of all if you do install office to another drive if you then do a reinstall of windows at a later date you will still have to reinstall any software, including office.

When inastalling office you should get the option to do a custom install select this the tell the insatllation program where to install office. Certain files will still be installed on c drive but all the main files will be on whichebver drive you select

  alan227 11:37 11 Dec 2005

After you have accepted the license agreement it will give you the choice of where to install it.
If you click the browse button and select the drive you want it to go on.
Also select Custom install and you can then just select Word to be installed.

  taffyal 11:49 11 Dec 2005

Thanks, both. Got it sorted now. But dont understand, was told to keep progs on seperate drive to be able to keep them seperate for reinstall of Windows on the main drive?Thanks again, will click resolve.Cheers, al

  howard63 12:02 11 Dec 2005

what I think the person telling you meant was if you copy the cd contents to your other drive rather than install from the cd. Then you can just browse to the setup file and click on install.exe to set it up from there - if you later need to reinstall windows on your main drive it is sat there waiting. An advantage of this method is that should you need an extra filter etc., it will go straight to the files rather than asking you for the cd to be inserted.

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