install windows xp onto a wrecked windows 98?

  GEEKSTA 17:15 28 Nov 2006

I have got a windows xp cd and if i put it into my win xp cd drive it comes with some options and the first one saying "install windows xp".

And I have a wrecked windows 98 that has a problem that i cant fix(i have tried on pc advisor forum), so if i put that windows xp cd into the windows 98 will I be able to install windows xp on it?

  Kate B 17:27 28 Nov 2006

If the hardware is up to it, yes, you could install XP, but remember the licensing terms: you can only install your copy on one PC. If you try and install it with a licence key that's in use on another machine you won't be able to activate it.

  rodriguez 17:31 28 Nov 2006

I once run XP on a machine that had a 333 Mhz Celeron and 128 MB of RAM. As you can imagine it stuggled - it ran ok, but it was a bit slow. Make sure your spec is a bit above this then you should be able to install it. Kate has a point about the activation though - if it's an OEM disc that has something like "To be supplied with a new PC only" then I don't think you'll be able to activate it and will have to buy a new lisence.

  GEEKSTA 17:37 28 Nov 2006

what would happen if i cant put the licence code in and woulndt work? And on my windows 98 there is only about 10gig hard drive? would that be any prob?

  GEEKSTA 17:39 28 Nov 2006

couldnt i just use the windows 98 licence key?

  rodriguez 17:51 28 Nov 2006

I installed Win XP on a 6 gig drive before so 10 should be ok. The Win XP licence key will work, it's just that when you go on the Internet to activate it, it will probably fail and you would need to call Microsoft to buy another licence key. You can't use the Win 98 as that's specially made for Win 98 and not XP.

  GEEKSTA 17:55 28 Nov 2006

oh guted!
But when im on the pc i will only have like 30 days to activate it right? If so what will happen after the 30 days?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 28 Nov 2006

Then you might find that MS block the key and you cannot get updates for either machine.

Give us a link to the 98 problem.

  GEEKSTA 18:15 28 Nov 2006

either machine? what do you mean? (Im talking about what will happen after the 30 days?)
If i do put the wrong key in, will i be given a second chance or a third and so on, in case i get it wrong ?

sorry i dont have the link for the problem, this was years ago. I think i was delt by woodchip. I wasnt a member then, i was using a friends acount, and havent seen him since.

  lotvic 19:24 28 Nov 2006

click here
Q: ""I do not want to activate. What can I do to turn this off?
A: Activation is required for continued use of the product.""

Q: ""How does Microsoft Product Activation work?

A: Product Activation works by validating that the software's product key, required as part of product installation, has not been used on more PCs than is allowed by the software's end user license agreement (EULA). In general, Windows XP can be installed on one PC and Office 2003 or Office XP can be installed on one PC and the laptop computer used by the user of the one PC. (For specifics, please see the EULA accompanying your product.) Product key information, in the form of the product ID, is sent along with a "hardware hash" (a non-unique number generated from the PC's hardware configuration) to Microsoft's activation system during activation. In Windows XP SP1, the product key itself is sent in addition to the product ID. Activation is completed either directly via the Internet or by a telephone call to a customer service representative. Activations on the same PC using the same product key are unlimited. Product Activation discourages piracy by limiting the number of times a product key can be activated on different PCs. ""

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