install windows 98se

  beb 23:13 05 Feb 2004

having just purchased a newer pc could some kind soul please give me an idiots guide to installing windows98se as there is no o/s on the pc , any help much appriciated .

put in the cd, restart and follow the instructions on screen.

  smegs 23:29 05 Feb 2004

click here try this.

  colrobs 23:46 05 Feb 2004

I am assuming you have a Win 98 se cd-rom but can you confirm the following.
Do you have a Start-up floppy disc.
Do you have the necessary drivers for eg the modem,graghics card, sound card......
I should probably have began with this, details of you pc - processor , hard drive, ram - I am assuming your pc has the specifications to run Win 98.
Incase you are busy with horiz5's advice also check MS Website - click here

  beb 13:42 06 Feb 2004

thanks for the response , newer pc has amd athlon xp2200 40g hard drive , 256mb ram and yes have all the drivers for graphics card etc but no start up floppy disc , will be trying to install the weekend ( wish me luck ) any other help much appriciated .

  Quiller. 13:55 06 Feb 2004

First you must enter the bios so it will boot from c\d.

To enter the bios, keep pressing the delete button when you start the computer.
It usually says this on the first screen. i.e. press the delete key to enter setup.

When you are in the bios, you will see a screen with different headings. The one you want is labelled advanced cmos settings, it is usually the second one down. In there look for first boot, change this to cdrom. You change the settings by using the PgUp and PgDn buttons.

When you have done this press the esc. key. You will now be back to the main menu. Now pick save settings and exit, with a y. The machine will reboot.

With the windows cd in the drive, let it bootup.

You will be given an 3 options. Pick the option to start with cdrom support.

This will now take you to the flashing a: Now you have to format the drive. So after the a:\ type format c: so it looks like this.

a:\ format c:

Notice there is a space between the format and the c.

It will ask if you are sure, type y and enter. It will now prepare the disk.

At the end it will ask if you want a volume label, for the time being just press enter for none.

Press the ctrl, alt and delete button to restart.

Do as before and pick start with cdrom support. Let it load to the a:\ again and type sys c:

So it looks a:\ sys c:

It will then say system transfered and return to a: Now you have to load windows. If all there is on the computer are a hard drive and a cdrom the next drive letter you want is f.

so at a:\ put a f after it and press enter so;

a:\ f: and enter.

now you will have a flashing f: so type

f:\ win98\setup and enter.

It should now load 98.

  temp003 06:34 07 Feb 2004

I've heard that some newer 98 CDs are bootable, but certainly not every 98 CD is bootable.

More conventional way is to boot up computer with a 98 boot floppy. If you have 98 on another computer, go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Startup Disk, click Create Disk. Insert floppy and let Windows do the job.

Otherwise, click here and download and create the 98 boot floppy.

Insert floppy, start or restart computer (making sure in BIOS floppy drive comes before hard disk in boot sequence). You'll see some text, if possible remember the drive letter for your CDROM, usually it's either E or D, but don't worry if you miss it.

Select Start 98 with CDROM support. You'll get to the A:\> prompt. Type

format c:

and press Enter. Wait patiently for the formatting to complete. Time needed depends on the size of the C partition. Note that if it's an old disk, by formatting it you will lose all data on it.

At the end, you will be prompted to enter a volume label for the C partition. You can enter the name, but you can just press Enter. Back at the A:\> prompt, type


(where X is the drive letter of the CDROM) and press Enter. Usually it's either D or E (unless the hard disk has more than one existing partition)

At the X:\> prompt, just type


and press Enter. Installation of 98 should start. If there's a problem, back at the X:\> prompt, type

cd win98

and press Enter.

Then type


and press Enter. Installation should start. Follow the prompts.

If it's a new disk and you can't format it, post back. If it's a new disk with big capacity, and you want to know how to create a smaller partition in which to install 98, post back.

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