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  lodger 13:08 04 Feb 2004

I have wiped my HD, now I want to run win95,, from dos prompt I type D:\win95\setup...things begin to happen , BUT THEN i get this message ; 'Windows needs 733333 bytes free on c drive' can I advance from this dialogue?...........

  tnt115 13:19 04 Feb 2004


there you need to format your c drive from dos before you can install win 95 again

type this

format c:

then it will come up with a message saying do you want to format c: drive press y then it will format the drive

  Iwasaki 13:28 04 Feb 2004

To be absolutely sure you sure creat a new MBR record, to do this you have to use the MS Fdisk.


c: Fdisk
C: format c:/u

Fdisk will ask you the size of the partition you will want to use, perhaps for win95 use the total hdd space.. You will then have to re-boot and format the HDD see above command.

  -=Dark=-{Lord}^Angel 14:02 05 Feb 2004

FORMAT FORMAT FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!easy as pie

c:format or

  gold 47 20:00 05 Feb 2004

Hope you don't think im rude to ask but why do you want to run W95 as this is not a USB aware OS.

  lodger 11:25 06 Feb 2004

Yes, I just needed to format......i must remember format c:.........:)....Gold,.this old pc is so slow that it can only handle win95, ..100Mzh..32 mb ram , 1 mb video adaptor! was a gift from my son in law, so it's fast enough for me thanks

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