Install win98se with OS cd only - major problem

  greybeard 20:44 06 Apr 2008

Trying to do a clean install of win98se from the legal os cd onto a Thinkpad (10gb HDD)which has no floppy, and which previously had XP pro installed.
I used fdisk to create new active primary dos partition, then extended dos partition, divided into two equal logical drive partitions.

I then powered off, then on with the windows disc in place, and I was offered
"1. setup with win98 support"(or words to that effect)
"2. setup with cdrom support"(ditto)
"3. setup without cdrom support"(ditto)

First time round I chose 2. expecting to be able to run format C: /s. But I was told this was a bad command.
I tried other letters in case relabeling had led me astray, but always got bad command.
So I went back to fdisk and chose 1., which then started win98setup, but popped up a window "Error in formatting partition" (as above)

I decided to ask for help here, so I switched off the machine again, in order to get through to the first problem windoe for the actual message, but now it wont boot up at all - just turns on, checks the cdrom, and leaves me with a black screen.
I've just turned it off and unplugged the power supply.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  octal 20:52 06 Apr 2008

It is unlikely to run directly from the CD because you need to boot from a floppy first, normally, but all is not lost, try a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD, I managed to install Windows 98SE onto a computer without a floppy using this program click here

  Jollyjohn 21:19 06 Apr 2008

A W98 CD should be bootable, check the boot order in the bios of the laptop. If you can get to the choices listed above select 2 and assuming your cd is D:
CD win98 ENTER
Format c:
You dont need the /s switch as W98 will sort this out.
If you still get the "Bad Command" Message go to click here and download a W98 Bootdisk, burn it onto a bootable CD and this will give the Format command.

Then, once the partition is formatted you should be able to install W98

  woodchip 21:25 06 Apr 2008

First you need to remove the Partition, But you should Download all 98se drivers that will work with the Laptop first. You need to remove partition as XP writes to the Partition, this will stop 98se loading.

Then set BIOS to start with CD as first boot device followed by Hard Drive. You will need to use FDISK on the CD to partition and format the drive. then shut down after format, restart with CD follows instructions to load

  greybeard 21:35 06 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone for your help, and as soon as I find my way through, I'll post the result.

octal - thanks for that link, I'll definitley add that to the armoury. It looks like a very useful kit of freeware.


  woodchip 21:40 06 Apr 2008

you could buy a usb floppy like i did

  woodchip 21:42 06 Apr 2008

forgot to say that fdisk is no good for ntfs partitions, you need to asses what it is first

  greybeard 22:07 06 Apr 2008

usb floppy... sounds useful, must get one.

  woodchip 22:47 06 Apr 2008
  greybeard 22:55 06 Apr 2008

Thanks woodchip. Just for once I'm up to speed and have already bought one on ebay !!

  Ditch999 12:32 07 Apr 2008

As per woodchip
"forgot to say that fdisk is no good for ntfs partitions, you need to asses what it is first" Win98 cannot see NTFS disks

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