Install win98

  curlylad 15:26 13 Jun 2004

A friend has just got an old PC from a colleague and wants me to install win98 as at the moment it has win95.He has the win98 disc but has no disc for the drivers or any other disc that come with it.If I put the win98 disc in will it just install over the top of the 95 and if so will the drivers need upgrading and how do I go about getting them ? Thanks in advance for any help.

  anniesboy68 15:29 13 Jun 2004

Will the old pc spec run win 98??

  curlylad 15:30 13 Jun 2004


  bremner 15:31 13 Jun 2004

I is very likely that 98 will have all the required drivers - we are not talking a see change in technology here such as that between 98 and XP.

I do not think you will have a problem - if you do then the drivers will be available from the web.

  curlylad 15:37 13 Jun 2004

Do I just start the old baby up , whack the win98 disc in the drive and install straight over the top , is it as simple as that ?

  Fruit Bat 15:38 13 Jun 2004

Win98 needs atleast a 486 chip pref. 400mHz or above will run with 64M Ram but really better with 128M.

Note devices fitted i.e. modem graphics. card etc. Most generic drivers will be included in Win98 but downloading latest ones are best Still plently of drivers for win98 on web.

Best to do a complete wipe, reformat drive and fresh install of Win98. Therfore you need a floppy boot disk with msdex drivers for CDrom.


  curlylad 15:44 13 Jun 2004

Do you mean mscdex ?

  Graham ® 15:48 13 Jun 2004

Get a 98 OEM boot disk from click here. That has all the drivers needed to instal 98, including CD-ROM. Note that the CD will move up a letter during installation.

  curlylad 15:59 13 Jun 2004

I now have a win98 boot floppy, win98 CD-ROM , a MSCDEX.EXE floppy , how do I start ?

  Graham ® 16:08 13 Jun 2004

You don't need a MSCDEX.EXE floppy.

Best way is to format the hard drive, wipes it clean. Start, Shut down, Re-start in Dos mode.

At the A:\ prompt, type Format C:, Enter.

Are you doing it now?

  curlylad 16:11 13 Jun 2004

Yes , I have the machine in another room so will have to pop down and do this .I will get back for further instructions when I need to.

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