Install two Versions of Office on same PC?

  JerryJay 11:31 27 Feb 2004

Is it possible to install two versions of MS Office on the same PC? Say, 2k and 2003. Do not ask why I want to do it, I want to find if it is possible or not. Any advice will be appreciated.

  Djohn 13:25 27 Feb 2004

I would think so. I had "Works Suite 2003" and "Office XP" installed at the same time. Once all my files had been checked to work correctly I removed "Works" without causing any problems to XP. j.

  MichelleC 13:25 27 Feb 2004

If you're w2k or xp I would think you can have 1 of each version in seperate accounts. If 98 I don't think so.

  JerryJay 14:21 27 Feb 2004

Install on separate account, this an interesting idea.

  JerryJay 14:21 27 Feb 2004

Follow the last post, how about install on the same account?

  Taran 14:25 27 Feb 2004

Yes you can and on any version of Windows that supoprts Office.

Microsoft recommend not installing Office 2003 on the same system alongside another version of Office since there can be one or two issues as a result. I run one system with Office 2000 and Office 2003 without any problems at all and I have several with Office 97 and Office 2000 on them.

One of the main potential problems is with Access where a particluar font can cause problems and your other stumbling block will be Outlook - you can only have one version of Outlook installed.

Office 2003 installs to a different folder to Office 97 and 2000 and the easiest way to do it is to have the oldest Office version installed first.

click here

click here

click here

click here

In general when you put the latest version of Office in you should select a Custom install. You will be asked by the installer where to install to (seelct a custom folder if you like) and whether to remove older versions or keep them.

I normally rename the Start/Programs shortcuts to Word 2000, Access 97 or whatever since they will all be replaced by the latest version install. The other way around this is to let the most recent install replace the icons and simply locate each individual program of the other Office install on your system, right click and select the Send To, Desktop (create shortcut) option. Rename your new shortcuts and drag them into the Start/Programs folder.

MichelleC offers another potential solution by using user accounts and installing one version of Office to each user account.

I keep dual versions on most of my laptops as well as a Lotus SmartSuite install because many of my clients use various Office/Lotus versions and for some tasks I'd really rather open their files to work on in their native originating program. For Access programs this can be essential.

So the short answer is yes you can, but you need to take a few precautions in the process.


  JerryJay 17:36 27 Feb 2004

Taran, many thanks for your wonderful post. I am confident now. I will keep Word, Powerpoint, Excel of Office 2K and installed everything of Office 2003. It seems no point to put Office XP then.

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