install and run more than one software firewall ?!

  theDarkness 14:27 29 Oct 2006

Microsoft state that even if you already have a bought software firewall (norton/zonealarm/sygate/etc), you should still keep their built in windows firewall running... even though they also state that having more than one bought firewall is pointless but wont cause any real problems...(!?)

-but many people seem to argue over the possibility that installing and running more than one at once really CAN cause real problems, with either one not running or protecting your system properly. Is this true, or is it just the case that although they wont cause damage, having more than one doing the same job is pointless? Whats the worst that can happen with multiple firewalls- does anyone have any horror stories?

In comparison, some antivirus programs recommend that you use them along with another main antivirus of your choice, eg. Avast's On-access Scanner- but this is no doubt because it does a slightly different job than most anti-virus programs, with a constant scan to your hd's files, old and new..

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:33 29 Oct 2006

Only run one software firewall at a time. More than one is likely to cause conflicts.

  Jak_1 14:37 29 Oct 2006

I echo Mr Mistoffelees statement.

  birdface 14:39 29 Oct 2006

Well I always thought that you were only supposed to run one at a time,Just went into Windows firewall and it does tell you to turn their firewall off, If you are running another one.

  theDarkness 14:59 29 Oct 2006

click here

"Can I Use More than One Software Firewall on My System? Yes, you can, but there's no reason to do so."
- theyve put this in the same paragraph!:
"Windows Firewall has been designed so that it can coexist with third-party firewall programs"

Unless the windows xp software firewall really can run with other software firewalls, I'll have to assume that the above means only using the windows firewall along with a third party hardware firewall. Even if thats not the case, they still dont state that running more than one software one at once can be a major problem, which is quite surprising... !? :O

  >steve< 15:37 29 Oct 2006

you can use windows firewall with a third party firewall without causing any problems but it will slow your system down as it as do the same job twice.i would recommend just running one,the best one in my opinion is zone alarm.

  theDarkness 15:52 29 Oct 2006

its a good program, but I have run ZA in the past with truevector problems- the firewall switched off completely whilst online- but I think it was a conflict with an online update and was fixed in a clean uninstall/reinstall. Just to be safe I never wanted to chance it again, and so have stuck with an old copy of sygate firewall and the avast on access scanner. I got a copy of norton antivirus+firewall with my pc, that was a good program also but i think it used up alot of processor power

  Totally-braindead 15:59 29 Oct 2006

Microsoft may say that you can use their firewall and another with no problem but I wouldn't do so regardless.
I've seen a few computers screwed up because someone installed 2 firewalls or 2 anti virus programs which ran at the same time and conflicted with each other causing neither to work properly.
To be honest I'd never heard that Microsoft had said this before and although I cannot argue with their advice I think in many cases it would be ill-advised to run 2 software firewalls at the same time.
Personally I think one is more than sufficient and don't see how running 2 firewalls would make things any better anyway.
Of course I could be wrong but thats what I think.

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