Install operating system on second hard drive

  Barrie-281802 20:10 21 Jul 2003

I have two hard drives fitted configured as master/slave. My C drive (80Gb) has Win XP installed. My other drive (10Gb) is where I want to install Win ME. I tried to install from XP but got an error message saying I couldn't do it from windows.
How can I install Win ME on the second drive without messing up XP?

  woodchip 20:12 21 Jul 2003

Almost impossible it as to go on before XP

  woodchip 20:22 21 Jul 2003

PS what you could do is take the ribbon plug from the XP drive and set the jumper to Slave, do not connect just yet. Set the old Drive as Master and start your computer, then while it is starting go into CMOS setup and auto detect the drive, exit and save settings start with a floppy boot disc from click here use the disc to setup and install ME it does not matter if it says Win95 or 98 it should still work you then need to get a dual boot manager and install it to your ME drive after you have done that you can reconnect your XP drive and when you reboot the boot manager should recognise the XP drive and ask which you want to run. DO not forget that the Wall Plug should be out when you disconnect and connect a drive or any hardware

  woodchip 20:23 21 Jul 2003

PS you may have to auto detect in CMOS again for XP drive

  Barrie-281802 20:28 21 Jul 2003

Thanks woodchip. I'll give a try this weekend.

  Newuser38 20:54 21 Jul 2003

This might be of help click here

  zanwalk 21:04 21 Jul 2003

Thanks for the link, I've just spent ages looking for it, it's now in My Postings!

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