install new cd-rw: doing my ***** head in

  pookie 20:42 06 Jun 2003


this is winding me up now.

I bought a new cd rw today. I only had a dvd/cd before which i'm not using now.
I've, as far as i can sae, put the power in the back of cdrw, put sound in and put ide cable that was connected to dvd in. i've also put the plastic thing on as master. so basically i've taken power, audio and ide out of one and put in new one. Bios doesn't see it and windows doesn't detect it. Thing is that power goes to it as the tray opens and closes and light shows put it doesn't read disk.

Please help as what hair I had is comming out

  VoG™ 20:45 06 Jun 2003

Ensure that the IDE cable is firmly seated at both ends. Disconnect and reconnect. I had exactly the same problem as you and it was cured in this way.

  hugh-265156 20:46 06 Jun 2003

is the ide cable the correct way round?

  Ironman556 20:58 06 Jun 2003

Is the right part of the IDE connected? (Think it should be the end of the cable)

  hugh-265156 21:00 06 Jun 2003

if using the correct cable,set the jumper to cable select and it will auto set its self to master or slave depending on which part of the cable its connected to.

  pookie 21:20 06 Jun 2003

thanks - I'm adult enogh to admit silly errors so 'yes' the end of ide to mainboard had come out slightly. Thank you. CDRW detects and works.

However, i've lost sound so another silly error - i've probably put audio cable wrong way round. From back of cd rw should it go left to right red black white or white black red. also in soundcard looking down should it go r b w or w b r.

I'm a pratt - i admit it

  pj123 21:22 06 Jun 2003

Is the IDE cable connected to the hard drive as well? If so, the CDRW should be jumpered as slave. But CDRWs like to be Master. If your hard drive is connected to the primary IDE slot and the CDRW is connected to the secondary IDE slot on the motherboard make sure the IDE cable is connected the right way round. The edge coloured red should be facing the power lead coloured red. ie. red to red.

  The Spires 21:25 06 Jun 2003

pookie you wont get the best out of the forum users with starred out swear words in your thread title.

  hugh-265156 21:30 06 Jun 2003

on the plugs themselves it should be stamped R L and so on no?

  MartinT-B 21:40 06 Jun 2003

For God's sake have a little understanding.

When things go wrong with your PC it's one of the MOST frustrating things that came happen. It's exacerbated by that fact that deep down you know it's your fault, and you know you have made a silly mistake. Problem is, you can see what it is because you're too close and your mind shuts down/goes into a loop.

Pookie used ****** which is PERFECTLY acceptable. They have been using @*#*% in the Bean for YEARS.

  MartinT-B 21:42 06 Jun 2003


bean = Beano!


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