install a graphics card

  mark-238636 15:02 25 Apr 2003

i only have four pci slots that have a network card, sound card, monitor card and a modem card installed in them can anyone tell me the best way to go about it

  MartinT-B 15:22 25 Apr 2003

It seems to me that if you don't have an AGP slot you'll need to replace the PCI monitor card with a PCI graphics card, and plug the monitor into that.

There MIGHT be problems. It's usually recommended that you don't put another card right next to the Graphics card, esp. a soundcard. I can't remember of this is because of posiible overheating or something else.

You don't appear to have too much of a choice.

I put Graphics on slot 1, modem or network (whichever is smaller) into 3 modem/network into 3 and sound into 4.

Don't do this yet.

Wait to see if others have better advice.

  King Diamond 15:24 25 Apr 2003

Monitor Card??? Is that a graphics card byany chance? Never heard of it being called that.

Not sure what sort of help you need...does your motherboard not have an AGPslot for an AGP graphics adapter?

Is it an old machine?

  cream. 15:32 25 Apr 2003

Following on from your click here

Your monitor card will be your graphics card. If you go to device manager and scroll down to display adapters you will see the card that is installed on your system. Highlight this and then delete it.

Shut down the system and take the "monitor" card out. Replace this with your new graphics card and boot up.

You will be prompted that a new card has been found and will be asked for the drivers. You can either load them here or cancel it and load them when windows desktop has fully loaded. the screen resolution for this will be 640x480 till you get the new drivers installed.

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