install and configure DDR.MEM.

  GOBEEN 22:26 03 Jun 2003

Hi PPL.I need to know how to make ddr/ on my p/c.I have 512/sdram installed and it works just fine,but, I bought this board with the idea of using the said DDR.It has the two seperate slots for this,but, when I remove the sdram and instal the DDR.the p/c. wont boot-up,do I have to do something in BIOS setup or should this find and configure them itself,I'm running X/P PRO. ELITE M/B. 512.SDRAM. AMD/CPU 1600XP. I have searched the help base but cant get any help there,maybe I'm not using it right,so if any-one can talk me through this I'll be grateful,thanks,GOBEEN.

  GOBEEN 22:48 03 Jun 2003

help please anyone,I'm in a fix,GOB.

  rickf 23:30 03 Jun 2003

I am not too sure but I do suspect you have to go into bios to configure the change of memory types. Why not go in bios and have a look to see if there are any options for this.

  Quiller. 23:47 03 Jun 2003

When you say will not boot up. Do you mean to windows or is there nothing, not even post.

If you have nothing, try;

replacing your sdram and entering the bios. now look for reset configuration data. This is should be under PnP/PCI configuration setup. Change the setting for this to enabled and press esc. Now pick save settings and exit. The machine will now start to reboot. Stop it from restarting by turning the mains power off. Take out the old ram and insert new. Now boot up.

If you mean it starts to run but freezes and gets nowhere near windows, then try this.

Start machine and enter the bios. Look for something like miscellaneous control or similar. You should find a subheading for dram clock at next boot. If you have pc2100 ram then set it for 133, if you have pc2700 then set it for 166. Save settings and exit.

The other thing to try is to insert the new ram, with the machine switched off and reset the cmos jumper on the motherboard. It only takes a few seconds. The instruction for this should be in the motherboard manual.

  GOBEEN 01:14 04 Jun 2003

Thanks ppl,will try t/mrr.early start,will post,god bless. gob

  DieSse 08:46 04 Jun 2003

Just a warning ...

When you change RAM the system MUST be switched off at the mains, or have the power lead disconnected - otherwise there is power on the RAM slots and you will likely damage the RAM.

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