Install 4port Hub ?

  night 09:48 12 Oct 2009

I wish to install a 4port Hub, does one just plug in or are there drivers to accomodate this USB extension, or should be recognised by ones computer?

  Stuartli 09:53 12 Oct 2009

If you have XP or upwards then the device should be recognised without problems by Windows.

Best to have a powered hub, but you could also perhaps reflect on a four port USB PCI card as an alternative.

  numskull 10:01 12 Oct 2009

I just plug mine in and XP recognises it.

  ambra4 11:30 12 Oct 2009

Do you mean a 4 port USB hub or a 4 port RJ45 ethernet hub to add more computer to the

modem/ router

If an usb hub just plug it in and XP will recognises it.

If it an 4-port RJ45 ethernet hub just remove the ethernet cable from the modem/router and

connect one of the port on the hub to the modem/router, connect all of the cable from the

computers to the hub

  night 17:46 12 Oct 2009

Many thanks to stuarti,numskull, and ambra4, I guess I am unlucky as plugged the hub, and although it lights up the computer does not reconise it and I did have Blue Screen so a little worried as to why it wont install, any furthet ideas ?

  woodchip 18:11 12 Oct 2009

You are not giving enough information, there should be a sticker on it or writing. also your OS. as its just a guessing game like this

  night 14:38 13 Oct 2009

Hi woodchip, I agree with your comment and I have had the hub checked at PC World and found to be ok, but on plugging it in to the computer the ecomputer came up with a blue screen and I am lucky to get all data back as it caused mayhem, needless to say it has put me off 4 port Hubs it maybe that it is compatable with my computer or it needs drivers but thanks for your valued comment.

  night 10:26 14 Oct 2009

Further to the saga of the Hub, it seems it is not compatible with the computer having experienced a blue screen so hubs are for me.

  woodchip 10:31 14 Oct 2009

Strange As I use them on all my computers without trouble, including a Dual Boot 98se & XP Home.

It only works at USB 1.1 speed when using in 98se. but it still works, Last one I bought was from Netto after is had been reduced to £3 its a Full Card Reader and a 3 port USB2 Hub. works on 5 computers if i carry it round

  Stuartli 10:34 14 Oct 2009

I have two memory card reader/writers as well as an MP3 player that can be used for the same purpose.

The former work merely by plugging into any computer system I've come across owned by friends and family.

Have a look at:

click here

for possible solutions in the case of your operating system.

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