Instalation of new hdd

  justin37 09:49 12 Apr 2004

Hi guys

I am not a great tech head but I want to put in a new hdd, the one I am currently using is slowly bogged down and I think my easiest option is to install a new drive, I don't have that many files I need to keep just photos etc so what is the easiest way to do the installation,the other problem I have is that the pc didn't have the original Xp insatallation disc with it, any fixes for this.Any help is appreciated.



  pj123 11:15 12 Apr 2004

Two options here. Buy a bigger hard drive, fdisk it, partition it, format it and install it as a slave to your original disk. Copy all your files across to the new hard disk and then clean up the original without deleting the operating system. or option 2. get a boot disk from click here and install the new hard disk as the master (disconnect the original for now) make sure the BIOS detects it and also that your pc is set to boot from floppy disk first. Now use the bootdisk to fdisk, partition and format the new disk. When that is done reinstall the original as master and the new as slave. Get a copy of xxclone from click here and copy your complete old disk to the new (bigger) one. When that's finished, take the old one out make the new one the master and reboot. When you are happy everything is working OK you can, if you want, reformat the old one and have it as a spare or install it back as a slave for storage.

  Gongoozler 12:03 12 Apr 2004

I would go for the first option suggested by pj123. You don't say what size your present hard drive is, or what size new drive you are intending to fit. Unless you are thinking of installing loads of games, it is unlikely that you need anything more than about 10G for programs. However if you save a lot of pictures, you can quite quickly fill a small drive. Hard drives generally start at 30G these days. If you get one about this size, you could create a partition to back uo the C: drive so that if you get an unrecoverable corruption of your operating system, you should be able to easily restore it.

A word of caution here. You don't say what your motherboard is, and there may be a limit on what size hard drive you can fit. If your computer is fairly recent you should be ok with a hard drive up to 120G, but 160G (or above) could give problems.

  justin37 12:43 12 Apr 2004

Thanks for the replies guys

I have at present a 40gb drive(can't tell you manufacturer),I know it should be big enough,is there any other options to completely clean it out just to leave me with a "brand new" machine, its getting a few annoying glitches n I wanna be rid of em once and for all.



  billyliv 12:46 12 Apr 2004


  pj123 13:06 12 Apr 2004

To do that you would need to buy an Operating System disk (XP if you want to stick with that, or Win 98SE for example) But not only that you would also need the Motherboard disk, Modem driver disk, Graphics driver, sound driver and all the application disks for the programmes that you have installed. What sort of glitches are you talking about? Most of the drivers disks can be downloaded from the internet, (if you know which ones you need) but not the operating system. Windows XP can be got from click here

  radi8or 13:14 12 Apr 2004

XP cheaper here click here

Regards Bob

  justin37 13:15 12 Apr 2004

I have got the disk with the drivers for the mobo, soundcard etc, its just the os disk i haven't got. I was a bit green when I first bought the pc and didn't give the fact I didn't have one a second thought.Main problems are ssslllloooowwwwwww start up ram memory being gobbled up, annoying 'run as' shortcut problems etc etc etc.Have made various postings regarding these and tried fixes without any joy,a clean install is the only option I think but if I haven't got the original OS disk i'm guess, i'm stuffed and i'm loathed to buy XP again when I already have it. What a pain in the rear, I can't even go back to the company I bought it from cos thay've closed down.

Cheers Anyway.


  Graham ® 13:33 12 Apr 2004

Right click My Computer, Manage, Storage, Disk Management. You should find a Fat 32 Recovery Partition. If there is, I believe you can save it to CDs.

  Graham ® 13:37 12 Apr 2004

It's the I386 folder in the C drive.

  Graham ® 13:41 12 Apr 2004

I'm sending my I386 folder to the CD-R to see if it's that simple.

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