Instal runs when a program is run in win 2000 Pro

  Noel-252737 23:13 25 Feb 2003

This happened when a re-instal of win2000 did not complete. I am constantly annoyed with the instal pop up window. Has anyone come across this problem and has anyone a solution without a reformat and instal?

  temp003 02:03 26 Feb 2003

I have not read about an instal pop-up window before. I do know that when a reinstal is incomplete/interrupted (after windows 2000 setup has copied temporary installation files to the hard disk), you will get a "dual boot" option screen when you start the computer, giving you the choice of "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Setup" as the default, and "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" (which is your normal OS) as the 2nd option.

If it applies to your case, read on.

To get rid of that (and the temporary installation files), you need to (1) edit the C:\boot.ini file; and (2) delete the temporary installation folder copied to your hard disk.

To edit boot.ini, right click My Computer icon, Properties, Advanced tab, select Startup and Recovery. For the default operating system, click the drop down list and select "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect as the default. Click OK, OK.

Then use My Computer or Explorer to go to your local disk C drive. Click Tools on the menu, select Folder Options, View tab. Tick "Show all hidden files and folders", untick "Hide all known file extensions", and untick "Hide protected operating system files". Click OK.

You should now see the file boot.ini under the C drive.

Right click boot.ini and select "opens with". Then select Notepad. Boot.ini will open in Notepad.

Now delete one of the lines under [operating systems] that reads C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Setup"

This ought to be the first line under [operating systems].

Just to make sure, your boot.ini file should now read:

[boot loader]



[operating systems]

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

This assumes that your C partition is on the 1st partition, on your first IDE hard disk (which is usually the case).

Save the changes and exit Notepad.

Restart the computer. You should boot straight into Windows 2000 proper without getting the dual boot screen.

Once in Windows 2000, go to your C drive again and delete the entire folder called $WIN_NT$.~BT which is the temporary folder where installation files are stored, and would have been removed by Windows 2000 Setup had you completed the reinstallation.

If the above does not apply to you, post back with details of what the "popup window' says.

  Noel-252737 18:32 26 Feb 2003

I did not fully explain my problem.
Windows 2000 Pro boots up properly but when I run almost any program a window appears telling me that it is preparing to instal and includes a cancel button but cancel button does not appear ti stop until I click it many times.

This annoying message makes it difficult to browse web etc.

This began after I tried to re-instal within windows and instal failed.

Anyone come across this problem

  temp003 03:23 27 Feb 2003

Sorry, my mistake. I thought the message that pops up was preparing to install windows 2000 itself. I think the message, if it doesn't say what it's installing, must be talking about installing the program itself.

click here to see what could be a similar situation to yours.

Although the MS article refers to the problem being caused by removing a previously installed service pack, a reinstall of w2k has the same effect. The only reservation I have is that you said the reinstall did not complete.

A completed reinstall will restore Windows 2000 system files to their original state (as on the CD), i.e. without any Windows updates, hotfixes and service packs, but otherwise leave your programs and data intact. Normally, after repairing w2k using the reinstall method, you need to re-apply all updates and service packs.

I don't know how far your incomplete reinstall went. It looks to me that since you no longer get a dual boot screen with Windows 2000 Setup as an option, the reinstall may have completed (at least Windows thinks it has), or the reinstall managed to restore only some of the system files to their original state but not all.

Try reinstalling Windows Installer 2 as suggested by the article.

You should also reinstall any Windows updates, including SP3, if you think the present OS is otherwise fine as a working copy.

If you suspect something was wrong with the previous reinstall attempt, you could start all over again with another reinstall, then re-apply all Windows updates (not a very palatable suggestion, I know, if you think the last reinstall failed). It may be that your present copy of w2k is actually OK (subject to updates).

But try reinstalling Windows Installer 2 first to see if that resolves the present problem. And after that, decide for yourself whether you need to repair the OS.

  Noel-252737 14:16 01 Mar 2003

That worked - thanks for the pointer. I have had the problem before and had to re-format to overcome.
Hope it is of help to someone else.

Many Many thanks

Noel Donagh

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