Instability - and how!

  coinneach 16:27 17 Nov 2004

I've had my Mesh PC for almost 3 years and for most of the time it has behaved itself pretty well. Just recently, however, it has been having periodic tantrums. The mouse pointer disappears and without any provocation various windows start to dart all over the desktop in a random fashion. I suspected the mouse function itself, so I installed an updated driver from Microsoft. I thought this had cured it, but the fault returned so I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver without result. After a period of these frenetics, the PC would settle down again as if nothing had happened. I don't appear to have a virus and I've checked and defragged the hard disc and no problems were uncovered, so where do I go from here? I'm not getting any enjoyment from this display!

  cherria 17:01 17 Nov 2004

I'd suggest you make sure you're mouse is plugged in correctly and if it is then try a new mouse. Sounds like it may be getting sick.

If you use a wireless mouse then check the batteries are ok and that the sensor is close enough to where you use the mouse itself.

  rawprawn 17:16 17 Nov 2004

Have you installed any new hardware ? and have a look in the device manager to see if there are problems.

  Dorsai 17:30 17 Nov 2004

IF a corded mouse, it's tail may be broken. From my experiance game playing, that can involve lots of mouse movement can quite quickly fracture the wires in the cable, causing the mouse to fail. After i used up 3 mice in 2 years, i got a cordless/optical one.

As suggested above i would try/borrow a different mouse.

  coinneach 22:18 17 Nov 2004

thanks a lot for your suggestions, fellas. I'd already checked device manager for conflicts and there weren't any. when I get a change I'll swap the mouse and hope that'll do the trick. I was afraid someone was going to tell me my hard disk was on the way out.


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