Inspiron 9400 modem driver problem

  Gav5 20:09 23 Feb 2009

Hi folks,

I've recently aquired a dell inspiron 9400 laptop, came with no discs etc. No, it's not stolen ! The problem is, i'm trying to set up a wired internet connection, it's got an internal modem but i don't think the drivers are installed. I've browsed the dell support but there are several download options and i'm confused. How do i find out which drivers i need & is that all i need to do ? Any suggestions appreciated.

  skidzy 20:19 23 Feb 2009
  ambra4 20:26 23 Feb 2009

“I’m trying to set up a wired Internet connection”

Via a dial up modem or a broadband line

  skidzy 20:48 23 Feb 2009

im assuming dialup...rightly or wrongly i dont know :-)

  Gav5 20:55 23 Feb 2009

I might sound a little silly here but i'm a newbie at this. Downloaded & installed the drivers, seems to recognise the modem now. Do i use the big phone socket or the small one ? My desktop is wired to a router with the big socket type but i want to connect the laptop through the internal modem. I'm going abroad on business you see. Can i just install my ISP software & follow the install & setup instructions ?

Thanks for the help.

  ambra4 21:12 23 Feb 2009

“Do I use the big phone socket or the small one”

The big one is for RJ45 Ethernet connection used for networking and Internet connection via a broadband modem or router port

The small one RJ11 is to connect the internal modem to the phone line to access the Internet via

a dialup network

  ambra4 21:24 23 Feb 2009

“I'm going abroad on business you see”

Unless you going to a country where there is limited broadband Internet access

(Like the Africa Jungle) you will fine that wired or wireless broadband access is available at

most hotels and company sites

  ambra4 22:03 23 Feb 2009

“Can I just install my ISP software & follow the install & setup instructions?”

There is no need to install your ISP software

If using a broadband connection (The big RJ45 phone socket) just connect the Ethernet cable and

Enable the Local Area Connection inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click- Local Area Connection-Enable or Disable as


If you have the two-display Local Area Connection icon in the task bar just right click and

Enable or Disable as required

“I want to connect the laptop through the internal modem”

To use the dial up modem you will have to set it up to dial a local ISP number in the country that

you are at the time, or you can dial your local ISP dialup line which would be like making a

overseas call to allow you Internet access

  Gav5 22:48 23 Feb 2009

Thanks Ambra4, you're fab. I didn't realise it was so simple. As you say, i'll connect the RJ45 and give it a whirl. I'm off to Malaysia (KL) now, bound to be a LAN in the hotel room, i hope.

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