inspiron 1150 boot problem

  spunkylaing 21:12 15 Feb 2009

my dell inspiron 1150 wont boot up, it lights up the power light but nothing on screen, it waits about 10 secs then turns off.
i get no bios screen, nothing.
tried checking contacts on ram memory and tried linking to another monitor but still does the same wether battery is in or not.
any ideas anyone?

  dartx10 12:54 16 Feb 2009

do you have it plued up win rebooting

  spunkylaing 13:19 16 Feb 2009

funny thing was half way into formatting and istalling win xp home when it just went black screen and did nothing for over ten mins so i turned off only to find it wont come up with bios screen or anything

  dartx10 13:23 16 Feb 2009

tri tapping f10 as soon as you start it and tri to get a boot minu and tri restoring to last good comfigeration

  spunkylaing 13:31 16 Feb 2009

just tried still nothing it just does the same thing nothing on screen and turns off after 5-10 secs.
even tried sripping it this morning for any loose connections but everything seems ok

  dartx10 13:32 16 Feb 2009

lap top or desk top

  spunkylaing 13:37 16 Feb 2009

laptop, just to let you know there doesnt seem to be any problem with power supply as someone else thought that i might have a problem there.

  dartx10 13:41 16 Feb 2009

did the battery ha a short life spand on it and have you ever had it runing on gest the power cable before

  spunkylaing 13:46 16 Feb 2009

battery seemed ok used to get upto 1 hour off it and have tried with and without battery in still same thing

  dartx10 13:51 16 Feb 2009

sounds like you have a problem with your battery or charger corde do you have another charger for it

  spunkylaing 13:53 16 Feb 2009

charger is ok as i get a constant supply to it but it just wont boot up

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