Inserting Word 2003 en or em dash symbol

  old_codger 18:49 19 Sep 2010

I am sure it worked at one time OK. However, it doesn't now. In theory, menu bar > Tools > Auto Correct options..> AutoFormat as you type tab > and ticking box 'Hyphens (--) with (-)'. When you type either (space--for shorter en dash), or (no space--for longer em dash) should produce symbol replacement as you type. However, if I make a Return (enter) directly afterwards, the symbol substitution does work! Not exactly the correct way.

Does anybody know how to get this symbol (en or em dash) substitution to work as it should?

  Chris the Ancient 09:09 20 Sep 2010

As far as I know...

the n or m dash auto correct won't work unless it is followed immediately by a space. It needs that space character to 'trigger' it.

  skeletal 09:57 20 Sep 2010

I agree with CtA, and I’ve just tried it (on 2010 admittedly, but I think they are all the same). Do what you say, but put a space after the dashes, then Return.


  old_codger 11:43 20 Sep 2010

After a little experimenting, I note that you must follow the last character typed with either (space single hyphen for en dash) or (2 x hyphen for em dash); and then the next word followed by a space to trigger the substitution.

I mistakenly thought that it required a just a space directly after the dash to trigger the substitution. It can be a single character or word followed by space to trigger. Or as I discovered, a Return (enter).

Anyway, thanks to CtA and skeletal for your help!

  skeletal 12:06 20 Sep 2010

Ah yes, I agree. I had forgotten you could add another word and then another space after that.

This is a problem with so much software: you can do things in many different ways, and then forget which is which!

Glad you’re sorted.


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