Inserting an image into 'Word'

  jack 09:08 23 Oct 2010

Results in a panel of 'gobbledgook'

These are the words of one of my flock in an ongoing problem she has with inserting images into a Word doc. where before be it went as it should.
This dialogue has been on going for a week now by e-mai and her story is getting more and more bizarre.
I feel a visit to her is coming on[I have already ordered the plain chocolate digestives] but she is twelve miles off in the next town - so I would appreciate some fore knowledge of what is going on[or not]
Previous post covering this
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  gengiscant 09:50 23 Oct 2010

In your last post you spoke of more info,where is that exactly or do you mean the word 'gobbledygook' is the new info?

What type of image is she trying to insert?
Is the 'gobbledygook' the same as your last post?
Has she detailed exactly what she has done to arrive at the said 'gobbledygook'?
Is 12 miles such a long distance to find out the full picture/problem?

  lotvic 10:45 23 Oct 2010

We don't even know what version of Word so can't really help much.
Maybe the template is corrupt?
Has a repair of Word been done? (Word > Help > Detect and Repair)
Has she got the Office CD?

  jack 10:51 23 Oct 2010

What type of image
From Camera to My pictures folder thence to Doc., via insert.
Then panel fills with the familiar lines of characters associated with trying to open an image file in a 'non picture friendly' program, which with current O/S I would imagine is nigh impossible- just had a thought - I'll come back to this.

I have just tried to insert an image into WordPad
and got the gobbledygook squares ans odd characters
Now that suggests to me she is using Wordpad and not a full word program or the Word program[which ever it is] is corrupted has to basic kernel.
She is short on the detail but the above has given me a thought
!2 miles a distance ?
Depends on ones mode of transport or attitude to traveling such a distance for a plain chocolate digestive and a cup of weak tea.

  gengiscant 12:13 23 Oct 2010

Still not sure of the problem,have just tried to install an image into both Word and Wordpad and no problems.

This maybe of help click here

  jack 12:14 23 Oct 2010

This has given me another thought.
*.Dot. has replaced *.doc in 'modern versions of Word I believe[I use office 2000- good enough for what I want].
Modern machines come with trial version of a version Word which run for 60 days then invite purchase.
So what happens when a user runs out of time and does not purchase?
Do they get nothing or does Word Pad[for example]
become default?
Just a thought.

  lotvic 12:23 23 Oct 2010

for Office 2000
*.dot means it is a template
*.doc means it is a document

when you first open Word the page you see is Document1.doc (document) based on the (template)

If the (template) has become corrupted then it throws up all sorts of weird problems when using a *.doc

  jack 12:36 23 Oct 2010

Thanks for that clarification Lotvic

Looking further at word pad- I note that 'Insert' allows for Bitmap images only then various text versions.
No provision for JPEG then?
This is on my XP pro - has it changed for later O/S?

  gengiscant 12:40 23 Oct 2010

Must have, as I can certainly insert a JPEG into a wordpad doc with windows 7.

  jack 12:49 23 Oct 2010

Looks like I shall ave to wait until I go for my chokkie biscuit.

  gengiscant 12:51 23 Oct 2010

Please post back when you have more info.
Enjoy your tea and biscuits.

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