Inserting Date in Word documents

  Nosmas 09:08 02 Jul 2003

My system runs W98 and Office 97 Professional. this problem is with Word in Office97.

I have been trying to create a template which apart from displaying fixed text when used to create a new document, will also insert in that document the date. If in the template I click on Insert > Date and Time... the resultant new Word document displays the current date, but if it is saved and opened at a later date it will display the THEN current date. If when designing the template I remove the tick in the "Update automatically" box, any new Word document created using the template displays the date that was current when the template was created.

Does anyone know of a "fix" for this problem - i.e. to create a Word document from the template that will display the current date when the document is created AND NOT CHANGE IT WHEN IT IS RE-OPENED LATER?

  graham√ 09:15 02 Jul 2003

Off the top of my head, you are asking a lot! A template is just that, each time you create a document you would have to create a new template to do what you wish.

  Jester2K II 09:26 02 Jul 2003

graham√ - er no.

Nosmas wants a template with fixed text like a letter head and a date but only wants the date that the document is saved in stored. The problem is is he creates a document using the template today and saves it with todays date then tomorrow when he opens it Word will change the date to tomorrows date.

He wants to stop the date change.

Nosmas - there is a way to do this and it comes up nearly every week. i can't remember off the top of my head how but a search in PCA might help you.

  graham√ 09:39 02 Jul 2003

I have re-read the thread, Nosmas knows how to do that, taking the tick out of 'update automatically'.

  Jester2K II 09:46 02 Jul 2003

You are right - sorry.

  graham√ 10:02 02 Jul 2003

I can see an option in 'insert' 'field' 'save date', which saves the date the doc was last saved. Not exactly what you want, but perhaps getting there!

  Nosmas 01:19 03 Jul 2003

Sorry for the delay in coming back to the forum - have been out all day. Thank you both for your input. I couldn't find an answer by searching on this forum, but following some links produced by a Google search I found click here and the link at the top of the page to "Making a date" took me to click here From Word menu Insert > Field... I selected Category Date and Time and chose field CREATEDATE. Clicking on the Options button enabled me to select the format and add it to the field to produce {CREATEDATE \@ "d MMMM, yyyy"}

That field inserted in my new template results in the current date being inserted into any document created based on that template, and it doesn't change when the document is opened at a later date. Hey Presto! problem solved.

  Simsy 11:15 03 Jul 2003

I'd been trying to resolve this one as well, for a colleague!




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