insert plain coloured panel into slideshow

  Yimbo 11:42 27 Mar 2009

I'm using "Magix Photos on CD & DVD deluxe 6" to compile slideshows. Does anyone know how to insert a plain coloured panel at the beginning of the slide sequence? I want to put the titles etc on to this, but all I seem to be able to do is insert text over an actual photo?

I've tried the Magix Forum for help - but everyone seems to have gone on holiday or something!!!

  woody 14:40 27 Mar 2009

Can you not just use a "blank" picture?

Insert a picture as normal but make it all one colour.

  Yimbo 16:51 27 Mar 2009

Sounds good - but how might I do what you suggest? How do I make a photo "all one colour? Sorry if I'm missing the obvious!

  BT 17:00 27 Mar 2009

I do exactly this. In your photo program open a new blank canvas and fill it with a single colour, then just save as a jpeg or similar. You can also make nice backgrounds for titles by using gradient fills.

  BT 17:06 27 Mar 2009

Here's one I did for a Photostory3 slideshow, using a gradient fill.

click here

  Yimbo 11:43 28 Mar 2009

I like your idea - but as I'm a bit of a novice at this - can you take me further? "photo program" - what might this be - and how do I "open a new blank canvas"?
Sorry to take up your time - but I'd appreciate your help. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 28 Mar 2009

Use Paint
Fill blank canvas with colour of your choice -
save as -
select jpg instead of 24bit bmp from drop down menu
give it name and click ok

  audeal 12:24 28 Mar 2009

I use Potoshop to import a photo and then clear the picture and fill the frame with colour, then save it as a title photo (eg. My Trip To London) to my desktop. Then in the slide show program I import it as another photo into the correct position. This works well for me.

  BT 16:43 28 Mar 2009

There really is no need to inport a photo in Photoshop or Paint. Just goto file>new and click OK in the 'New' box that comes up. You then have a blank canvas that you can fill with any colour or gradient that you wish.

  audeal 19:57 28 Mar 2009

BT: Thanks for that tip. I will give it a try next time I make up a slide show. Last year was the first time I attempted to make a slide show so I did it the way I thought of. Now I know better. Thanks.

  Yimbo 17:06 01 Apr 2009

Thanks for the responses! I'm giving them a go!

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